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  • Does anyone have the patience to explain to me how to get a theme uploaded using FTP? I am using Core ftp and when I download
    a theme I see it on the remote side of the ftp site under
    Public_html but how do I get it onto the wordpress theme?
    Thank you! Flowersp

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  • You upload the theme’s folder into your WordPress’s wp-content -> themes folder. You then have to select this theme in your WordPress dashboard.


    Thank you for your reply, but how do I upload into that folder?
    Sorry but I am completely new at this, I downloaded the theme and then
    clicked on Public_html and then I saw the wp-content>themes folder,but how do I get the actual theme into that folder? Sorry to be so
    ignorant. Tks!!

    hey there! i used filezilla (free and pretty easy) to upload my files when i first got started… i was pretty lucky because i had a friend give me a hand when i first started up my site. here is a youtube video video where the guy is using filezilla too. sorry i didnt check over it, but they guy probably knows what he is talking about. if it is to confusing i would suggest another youtube search.
    visually seeing the process is probably the best way to go about it.
    good luck!

    With filezilla you simply drag the file, using the mouse, from the right side of the screen (your computer) to the left side (the website), dropping it into the folder you want.

    I’m not sure if Core ftp is the same but I would guess so.

    Thank you all for being so helpful, the videos would have been great
    except my sound is not working! Please bear with me as to the following: I download a theme, do I save it not open it? Do I then use a zip file and extract? If I get it into the FTP site under themes,how do I ” drop it in?” I don’t see any button on FIlezilla to upload? Thank you for your patience, I just need to do it right once and I will be ok.

    God – this has been explained step by step so many times it’s ridiculous!
    Using FTP is about the most BASIC thing anyone having a website or blog needs to know in order to do anything with their site. Just about any FTP program worth it’s salt (and I never heard of Core FTP) has step by step instructions included in the application download file. Did you bother to read it? Did you bother to search the Codex on how to use FTP?

    You DOWNLOAD a theme to your PC and save it in a folder of your choice. You EXTRACT the theme, recursively, to a temporary folder of your choice. You READ the help or “readme” file every decent theme has in the download file. You start your FTP program and point it to the WP-CONTENT/THEMES folder. You point the the other panel of the FTP program to the theme folder you just extracted. You highlight that folder and send the entire folder and files to the WP-CONTENT/THEMES folder. The result has to be WP=CONTENT/THEMES/YOUR THEME for it to work. You usually have to set the file permissions (CHMOD) to 755 so they can be read and edited if necessary.

    If you are unable to follow this simple procedure, you should be using WordPress.COM to host your site rather than WordPress.ORG self-hosted so none of this is an issue.

    I can understand how frustrating it can be to start out with something that is unfamiliar at first. I would suggest downloading Filezilla and then following this tutorial, which is very clear, with screencaps of how everything will look:

    (In my answer I reversed left and right earlier, sorry.)

    Saurus: Can you cross pollinate two flowers without
    getting help? that is my Forte, not FTP! I ask for help because I think that there are people who do not mind sharing their knowledge
    with others. If you cannot answer questions with some degree of
    tolerance for those who need help, perhaps YOU should keep your knowledge to yourself!

    Asfodel: YOu have been so kind to help me, I thank you so much,
    I will give it a try now and see if I can follow through.

    If you don’t understand how FTP works, you should read the manual for your FTP program – it is not my job to babysit you on one of the most basic tools required to maintain a website/blog/whatever. The answer I gave you is EXACTLY what you needed to know – as I would explain it (and did) to my young son – who had no problem at all using it on his blog. NONE. If you’re older than he is (I suspect you are – he’s 16) you should be embarrassed to admit you don’t understand a simple explanation.

    You expect “tolerance” in giving a reply? I expect a user to use a bit of self-reliance before coming here and asking a question on a WP support forum that has NOTHING TO DO WITH WORDPRESS.

    And as it happens … yes, I CAN cross pollinate 2 flowers without asking for help – I took Botany in college many years ago – probably before you were born.

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