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  1. Jonas Grumby
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi everyone,

    I maintain two blogs, one of which is an add-on domain on the same account as the other.

    For both of these blogs, any time I try to install or upgrade any plugin, or upgrade WordPress, I get a screen asking me for the site's FTP information. Is there a way to set this so it doesn't ask every time?

    I manage four other blogs on another host and they don't ask for the FTP info when installing/upgrading.


  2. MichaelH
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Could be a host problem.

    I like to download the plugin zip to my local machine, then use the Plugins->Add New->Install a plugin in .zip format

  3. Jonas Grumby
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Thanks Michael,

    I try to make things as easy as possible for my clients, who like to maintain their own blogs as much as possible in order to save money. Most of these people don't know how to FTP.

    This was a problem with the add-on domain because their hosting company does not offer a way to set up an FTP account to a specific folder, but I figured out what to put into the WordPress FTP dialog to make it work, so they are all set now.


  4. Is there a way to set this so it doesn't ask every time?

    a) No, that would be a major security risk.

    b) If your host was running suPHP, then this FTP information would not be needed at all. If you have any control over your hosting environment, consider using Apache with mod_suphp instead of a more normal PHP setup. suPHP is considered to be more secure in a shared hosting environment anyway.

    c) Some hosts use suPHP for the "PHP5" configurations, and normal PHP for the older PHP4 configurations. If you have the ability to switch your hosting to PHP5, do so. It might help.

  5. Jonas Grumby
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Thanks Otto,

    I maintain four blogs that don't ask for it and two that do. All six of the blogs that I currently maintain are on shared servers, so I don't have any control over the base configurations for any of them. The only "problem" the FTP dialog has ever presented was with an add-on domain. Luckily the client also had a couple of plugins that needed to be upgraded, so I was able to test the FTP settings w/ the plugins rather than experimenting with a WP upgrade. It's all figured out now. Client is happy.


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