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    Hey all,

    See if you can figure this one out:

    >Using for my own privately owned domain for the last year
    >Decide to buy my own hosting in order to use plugins
    >Purchased my own hosting this morning from Hostmonster
    >Changed the nameservers to Hostmonster’s
    >Installed WP software in hostmonster
    >Everything going fine, upload my .XML from my old site, all data intact
    >Want to upload a new skin for Mingle Forum plugin
    >Must be done through uploading a .zip of the skin to the wp-content folder
    >Try doing this with a plugin called WP-Filemanager that works within dashboard, but you can only upload 4 files at a time as far as I can see and that’s a huge pain
    >Decide to get around this by going FTP
    >Download Filezilla, disable “WP-Filemanager” plugin
    >Setup everything according to this tutorial ( set up ftp site, solid connection, download and install WP to “blog” folder yadayada)
    >Now I can see all the WP files in my root folder for my, but nothing changes on my actual site; all the original content from when I first installed it on Hostmonster is still there.


    One interesting additional detail: when first installing WP stuff in Filezilla, I noticed my root folder for my website was empty, which seems strange considering I KNOW there’s content there, and WP content to boot.

    What did I do wrong?

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    Did you point your domain name to your new site? If so, were you aware that it can take up 72 hours for domain name changes to propagate fully?

    What exactly do you mean point the domain to the new site? I changed the nameservers from where I bought the domain name to the ones for my new hosting service, if that’s what you mean.

    But yeah good point about the timescale; I recall a message warning about that when I got the new hosting. We’ll see how things progress, but it seems strange to me that all other functionality of the site is working (nameservers changed and updated almost instantly, etc.) and the FTP is not…

    Yes, esmi means the Name Servers. They can take up to 72 hours, though most of the time they take less than 24 hours. If it’s not working after 72 hours, you should contact your hosting company to help you with the FTP.

    Yo WordPress friends. I fixed it! In case anyone has a similar problem in the future, here’s what I did:

    It turns out that when you add a new FTP account on Hostmonster (or potentially any hosting service) it will automatically create a new sub-directory in your public_html folder. Unfortunately, when you then connect to this account through your FTP client (Filezilla in my case), you’ll be connecting to this sub-directory, and not your root directory, and so you won’t see all the super cool stuff in that directory that you KNOW is on your site, and be super confused like me.

    Easy fix: Go back to your hosting service, and delete your old FTP account. Make a new one, and this time, MAKE SURE that the directory you’re tying the account to STOPS at public_html. Log back into Filezilla with this new account and you should see your root directory and its contents in the right side of the screen as normal.

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