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  • I just setup wp on a new domain and went to install some plugins.

    After selecting which to install, wp asks for FTP information.
    -I know I am using the correct FTP information. I connected just to test.

    I have found a couple topics about this, but I haven’t seen anything that solves the issue.

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  • set directory permission in your host domain

    OK, I changed “/var” “/www” and all wp folders to 777.

    Still not able to get it working.

    is your host using sFTP? cause I still think there is a tracker issue for this for future release. not sure what version you are on, but as recent as a year ago wordpress did not support sFTP.

    so your host is using vsftpd? cause thats probably not supported in wordpress. you can always copy up the folders with an ftp client that does support secure ftp servers.

    I found it to be a PITA myself, eventually wp may get around to supporting file transport security.

    my host is using sftp. I am trying to configure vsftpd right now.

    what host do you use?

    Im using rackspace. All their linux servers and sFTP.

    i develop professionally so I see all sorts of configurations to be honest.

    you should be able to install a wordpress supported FTP server if you have a shell access. Not sure about vsftpd being supported by wordpress tho.

    Very Confused, trying to do an ftp for an australian domain….but the login credentials aren’t working. Any suggestions? Is there something in wordpress that needs to be checked? I am trying to update some layouts.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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