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  • Hi, question about automatic updates.

    When i go to automatic update my plugins or wordpress with built in wordpress functionality for automatic update, for first time i entered my ftp credentials, and later then when i go to update my plugins or wordpress im not asked anymore for my ftp credentials.

    Where is this info stored?
    How can i forbid wordpress to store this info?

    Thanks in advanced

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  • You don’t have those values set in your wp-config.php do you? I thought that if you didn’t have the values in wp-config.php, then you would be required to enter the FTP password for each update process.

    But you might look at the wp_options table where the option_name is “ftp_credentials”

    Hi Michael,
    I’v checked wp_options table and ther is no “ftp_credentials” option.
    But still when i go “upgrade automaticly” for plugins they are upgraded and wordpress doesnt ask me for my password, so it means it is saved somewhere.
    I’v also checked wp-config.php, nothing there too.

    I realy don’t wanna store my FTP pass there (FTP pass is also cpanel pass by default).

    If you didn’t find that in wp_options and it’s not in your wp-config.php then that could mean WordPress in NOT using the FTP method of upgrading your blog. Use the Core Control plugin to tell you what transports are available for your upgrade processes.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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