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  • mmjaeger


    FTP installation/update/removal are not working anymore since Apple has removed the GUI to enable FTP on the Mac – how are you guys going about that – what are the alternatives if any?


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  • Clayton James


    FTP installation/update/removal are not working anymore since Apple has removed the GUI to enable FTP on the Mac

    I cannot imagine that WordPress could do anything to compensate for changes in OSX. WordPress does not control the features inherent in your operating system. (edit – that didn’t come out correctly – I did not mean to imply that you were blaming wordpress! :P)

    RE: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion FTP Server

    “The GUI for the FTP server has been removed. Any configuration will have to be made via the terminal.”

    You will have to consult documentation for your Mac, or find a third party GUI tool for the ftpd.

    This might help you find a solution that will work for you.

    ftp server configuration osx lion

    [edit] Take a look at this thread from superuser:

    That answer looks like it might contain some useful info and – or more links to information.



    I’m certainly not expecting WordPress to change anything – what I was wondering how other Lion users are dealing with the situation – could I use SFTP instead?

    Clayton James


    No, of course not. I apologize that my hasty reply may have made it seem that way, that’s why I edited my comment indicating that I did not. Sorry for any confusion, there. 🙂

    As is suggested by the numerous topics in the first link I posted, the solution seems to be using the command line for ftpd configuration – typing “man ftpd” (without the quotes of course) in a console will bring up the configuration documentation for your ftp server.

    As for switching to SFTP, it seems that is also something to consider, as is mentioned in a link to a discussion found in the answer section of the second link I posted;

    “As was suggested on the MacRumors thread, you may want to take this opportunity to migrate to SFTP or another more secure, better-supported protocol.”

    This also seems to support the idea that switching may be a good idea;

    “The removal of FTP services appear to be motivated by the non-obvious security implications involved with opening up unencrypted FTP file sharing from a client system. Additionally, there are often better methods for sharing files, particularly for Mac users who depend upon support for file and file system features that FTP does not support well.” Source

    Short of that, perhaps someone else who has already made the change will jump in and help walk you through the process step by step.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    The GUI is gone, but OS X remains unix based, so you can add in SFTP 🙂 Which you should do!

    If you must use FTP:



    I would actually prefer to move to SFTP – however, I just haven’t found yet an detailed instructions how to set it up using MAMP. Maybe it just takes a while since Lion is new.

    Thanks again

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Lion server or lion desktop? 🙂

    (I should point out in theory it’ll be the same as leopard, so just search for how to install SFTP on OS X and you should be okay)



    Lion desktop



    I am having a separate problem running WordPress on OSX Lion (Desktop). I usually do updates via SSH. I managed to PHP to support SSH again, but when I try to an update (of a theme or extension), the update seems to hang.

    Checking the /var/log/secure.log on the Mac, it appears that the log in succeeds, albeit slowly, first reporting

    Jul 26 14:25:16 XXXX sshd[14795]: subsystem request for sftp by user XXXX
    Jul 26 14:26:38 XXXX sshd[14795]: Received disconnect from XXXXX: 11: disconnected by user
    Jul 26 14:29:06 XXXX sshd[14852]: Accepted password for XXXXX from port 57547 ssh2
    Jul 26 14:29:06 XXXX sshd[14864]: subsystem request for sftp by user XXXX
    Jul 26 14:29:07 XXXX sshd[14864]: Received disconnect from XXXXX: 11: PECL/ssh2 (

    then the webpage advances to indicate the first download and the log shows

    Jul 26 14:29:37 XXXX sshd[14896]: Accepted password for XXXX from XXXX port 57654 ssh2
    Jul 26 14:29:37 XXXX sshd[14901]: subsystem request for sftp by user XXXX

    but it never gets past this point. Manually doing ssh and sftp to the server appear to work fine.

    Is the FTPS that appears as an option in WordPress the same as SFTP on Mac OS X Lion and all other secure FTP protocols?

    I can use a terminal command from another computer and do SFTP to my Lion Server. SSH works and has created the keyword pairs it uses apparently.

    However when I attempt to use WordPress update, it does not allow me to connect using FTPS (?). WordPress is running on the Lion Server.

    Is this a problem with the userId that WordPress is using? It is running my my user area which I can SSH to etc. Is WordPress itself using some other userId which is not recognized?

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