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  • Hello,

    I have noticed that FS contact form is no longer in the WP plugins market? Have you guys do it on purpose or it was just a bug?


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    Will WordPress itself be taking any action to get the abuse by Mason Soiza ( prosecuted?

    His brutality, contempt and stupidity (assuming he was thinking this would go unnoticed) is beyond belief.

    @mikechallis thank you for all your work.
    Btw, aren’t you going to release a new similar plugin? I am certain that most of old FS users would adopt it.

    I would

    I agree. Mike has done a great job. It’s a pity to see his work trashed like that. And like Kirward, I have contributed a couple of times…the only plugin I have done it for too.

    Such a bummer that you got exploited like that 🙁

    I hope, though, that you release a similar plugin (different name, same functionality) for those of us who love what you have to offer.

    And I wish WordPress were more lenient on their decision since it was not your fault.

    Don’t give up — we’re rooting for you, Mike!




    I too would like to add my thanks to you for all the work and great code you have contributed over the years. I’ve watched it all mature and it’s come a long way.

    It’s truly a sad day when a veteran leaves the building – but it’s even worse when some scumbag destroys what’s left. I wish there was a way that person could feel some pain from this (legally). If you have all of the person’s details (I imagine you have a money transfer from them that could be used to trace them), you should really consider passing that information to the authorities. There are several laws that person broke – not least the moral ones.

    Anyway, I’ve much enjoyed your FSCF over the years and have made several donations – over the years. I know it’s a tough life trying to make a living from the free plugins. It’s a pity you couldn’t have sold your plugins to Automatic. They must be making a tonne of money and I feel they should reward the hard working contributors more!

    More to the point – I only “stumbled” across this post because I was seeking an advanced tutorial for a form. If I hadn’t done that, I would be none the wiser to the fact the FSCF is now dead. WP should certainly notify the users somehow – there must be many thousands I would have thought – who are totally unaware!!

    Anyway, I am sure you have new plans – or perhaps no plans at all ! Whatever you do, have a good life Mike.

    All the best.

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    Hear Hear!!!

    Keep writing code Mike, you are too good to disappear



    @ Mike: you are a real star. thank you for providing a link to a clean version. I really loved your plugin. It has done / is doing a wonderful job. I wish you best of happiness in life.

    I know too little about programming/hacking: Could there anyhow arise any security issues in future or is it safe to use the clean version for the next ten years or so – even though it’s not officially listed anymore?

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    Due to the situation, I am moving to Contact Form 7 which I find to be a very viable and flexible alternative.



    @iamhere: I did some research and will do the same. which captcha plugin do you integrate? Do you use the google captcha plugin (recaptcha) for it? To me this option (suggested by the plugin developer) seems a little to much talking to third party (api key). thx for reply.



    N/A It was ok

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    Thanks for your work Mike, you will be missed



    I switched some sites already to Contact Form 7 and I use the Contact Form 7 Captcha. Works well together.



    I imagine safeguards will be put in place that will not allow this breakdown to happen again. If WordPress is competing for more worldwide marketshare of their web platform they cannot allow other large plugins like FS Contact Forms to fall like this.
    A free market is great, the strong will survive! But it looks really bad. And as a user it feels bad that I made the wrong choice in my selection of learning a plugin. (3 donations over 5 years)
    If anyone is interested, after very much searching found a great replacement.
    Quform – WordPress Form Builder



    I would just like to Thank you for your contribution to the WordPress community and I wish you well in your future endeavors.


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