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  • Hello,

    I have noticed that FS contact form is no longer in the WP plugins market? Have you guys do it on purpose or it was just a bug?


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  • Hi,
    And what about Mike others plugins like Si-Captcha for WordPress ?
    Are-they corrupted ? Because they disappear form repository too…

    Just returned home from a short vacation and found (via a notice on the website of (the original developer) Mike: that sadly this plugin got hijacked and corrupted.

    @ moderator Samuel Wood (Otto): thanks for providing a fixed version but could you please provide a download link to the zipped cleaned version 4.0.56 of the plugin? I update my plugins manually and have no option to let it be done automatic by WordPress, now automatic seems to be only option, i do not see a manual download option.

    Thanks in advance. For now i will roll back to version 4.0.51.

    @bonaldi, unfortunately you have to find alternatives for all Mike Challis plugins. This is very sad but that is the reality of the situation.

    Good luck…:(

    Oh, shouldn’t the “View version 4.0.56 details” link have included info on this issue even though the plugin had been removed from the repository?

    This is a known issue that we have not been able to fix at this time. We don’t use this “hidden but updating” status very often, so it’s not fully feature complete. Nevertheless, the update process itself works fine.

    The update worked fine, but the plugin no longer allows access to the “Settings” dialog. I have a client who changes the settings on a weekly basis. No offense to you, but this makes my search for a replacement more urgent than it should be.

    Mike Challis, I sent you another Paypal donation with my support request – to which you have not replied. Would it be possible for you to provide the last release of si-contact-form (before you sold it to ‘fastsecure’) to some of us who need more time to transition?

    Tom Brown

    I’m willing to provide a download link for the last clean version 4.0.51 if this is wanted and allowed to do here.

    Correcting my earlier statement, you can acccess the form settings in 4.0.56 by opening up the latest WordPress “Settings” menu and FS Contact Form is listed in there. So that provides me with temporary relief.

    damsko (@damsko)
    I’m willing to provide a download link for the last clean version 4.0.51 if this is wanted and allowed to do here.

    Waiting to see whether this is allowed here.

    @fcsnc check the website “fast secure contact form dot com”

    @mikechallis I want to add my thanks for your great contributions to WordPress over the years.
    – Tom

    Thanks Mike! I assume that the “version 4.0.57” at then is the “4.0.51”, is that correct?

    Looks like the new “owner” “fastsecure” since taking over your plugin only added and updated the malicious code and left your plugin itself in the “4.0.51” state.

    I found code addition of “fastsecure” on line 69 of si-contact-form.php (4.0.54, 4.0.55) and captcha\securimage.php line 1140 to 1385 (4.0.55), this all reminds me to check myself if updated plugins all of a sudden include “base64_decode”…

    @damsko yes all his changes are rolled back

    OK thanks Mike. Shame that this had to happen but no blame to you. In fact thanks for helping out once more.

    The Wordfence articles on the person/people behind the abuse are an interesting read for who might be interested:

    One remark to the people of it would have been useful if the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin page (formerly at would have still been accessible and had a warning about what had happened. Now i had to find info elsewhere and find an alternative way into the Fast Secure Contact Form support forum that luckily still was accessible and providing answers.

    Thanks Mike for a fine plug-in, and to the moderator for quick action.

    Mike, I’m not able to install 4.0.57 downloaded from your website. I get “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

    I fixed it, download again. Mike

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