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    A while ago I asked for help and got a lecture. I’ve read the FAQ and done lots of css reading but getting nowhere. In recent weeks the urgency to get something done has increased. I’m looking for some “tender loving care”. What I’d like is some dialog with the developer or expert user to help me figure this. I’m not dumb but I’m not a coder. Will someone please help. Here’s the question:

    How to change the Delivery Notice so that it can be used in lieu of a shipping label. I’m trying to change the css so that “from” font is smaller and address placement is top left.

    I tried various alternative approaches, like not having any data in the from field and use instead a logo with the address but I can’t for the life of me get the logo to print large no matter what size image is uploaded.

    Thanks in advance for help.

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    @maximan we love everyone who uses the plugin and we are thankful for every feedback. it’s unfortunate, that you still couldn’t solve your issue you are referring to:

    i think my tip still has some relevance, but at the same time i know that not everyone can program. but please know this: to help you i need to write the css for you, it can’t be done with one line of code. i try to solve high priority issues first, that may affect many or all users. but at the moment i can’t even solve those, because of my everyday job.

    Plugin Contributor piffpaffpuff


    i hopefully can come back to others and your issue during christmas holidays. but if no one replies until then it may be useful to ask your question on it is a platform specially made for personal guidances and tips.

    Finding time is hard and I greatly appreciate your concern. I don’t expect developers to drop what they’re doing just for me but I do believe there are other users like me with the same needs. Because there is no mailing label capability I resorted to using the Delivery Note as a mailing label. I fold the printout such that it fits in a stick-on transparent envelop. I’d like to change both the placement and font of the recipient address. I’ve played with css but can’t seem to change any printout formatting. As a substitute I created a logo with company name and address. Logo placement is top left where the postal service expects the sender address to be. I also changed css to Increase the image size to 50%. Thanks again for your efforts.

    chabis, thank you for taking the time during the hectic holiday season to consider my request (ref your email dated 2012-12-29). I did experiment with your css modifications but alas this doesn’t really help. Your css modification merely removes everything except the recipient name and address and leaves everything else as before. As mentioned before, I want to keep all data on the current delivery note but change placement of the sender to top left and increase the font of the recipient to allow the delivery note to have a dual function as a mailing label by appropriate folding. Your suggestion to copy and paste the recipient info into a label app is certainly workable but printing on my consumer-level printer one label at a time is not really viable whereas printing an 8.5x 11 sheet delivery note is practical. I hope you and your fellow developers will not let this request lapse and put yourselves in the shoes of the user who not only needs to print a delivery note but also ship the product. All of the ingredients are there within the data but I don’t have the skill to mix them to suit my needs. I hope you will take another look at this request.

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