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  • Formidable Forms is great; I’ve used it for several purposes and always with good results. But I’m experiencing severe frustration with it right now. Here’s why:

    I am currently building a form that will ultimately have 35 writing prompts created using HTML fields, and a corresponding 35 paragraph text fields for users to write in. The problem is that when I’m creating / editing the form, all I see is a long list of alternating gray boxes for HTML fields and Paragraph Text fields. The gray HTML fields are not differentiated in any way; they provide no clue as to what the question or writing prompt within is. I have to click the gray box, then click the down-arrow in the Field Options to view or edit the question content.

    With so many writing prompts, it becomes very difficult to figure out where I am. If I want to edit the text in, say, the 27th prompt, the only way to find it is to scroll through the entire form counting the HTML fields by hand. This is very tedious and error-prone.

    It would be REALLY helpful if those gray boxes gave SOME indication of what’s inside them, instead of just saying “This is a placeholder for your custom HTML”. It seems like at least it could show the field ID number in each gray box. Better yet, it could show the ID number and the first, say, 25 characters of the HTML text. Or maybe provide a way to name individual HTML fields and have those names appear in the gray boxes.

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  • Plugin Author Steph Wells


    It sounds like you should change the name on each of those HTML fields so you know what they are. Can you please open a ticket in our help desk if you still have questions about this?

    Thank you!

    How would I change the name of the fields? I notice that with an HTML field open, I can click into the place in the upper left corner where it says “HTML” and edit it to say something different, but what I type there doesn’t stick when I save changes – it always reverts back to “HTML”. So maybe that’s not the field name.

    When I open the field options, I don’t see anything that’s labeled a name.

    What am I missing?


    If you create a ticket in our help desk, I can provide a screenshot that shows what Steph is referring to. It would also be helpful for me to see a screenshot of the text that you already tried changing.

    Nevermind – I’ve now been able to change the “HTML” name in the HTML fields to something more descriptive of the particular item. I’m not sure why my earlier attempts to do this failed to stick, but it’s working now.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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