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  • This is an ambitious effort and has some promising features, which is what attracted me to it. Sadly, there are so many bugs and glitches that I am likely going to try to uninstall it. (I wish I hadn’t bought an add-on before I knew how difficult this was going to be.) The check-out section has given me endless grief. Digital downloads aren’t functional (gave up on it and downloaded Easy Digital Downloads plugin). Product pages in the catalog sometimes show duplicate content that remains even after you edit the product. I could go on, but you get the point. This plugin (actually, a suite of plugins) is a litany of unintended consequences. The developers are evidently non-English speakers with the result they sometimes don’t seem to understand support questions or give answers that are so imprecise that they aren’t helpful. Some documentation is available (finally) but it is incomplete. The support community is difficult to navigate and did not have an operational search function. I spent an hour scrolling page by page to look for discussion on an issue only to see the issue come up several times without satisfactory resolution. I really wish the team well–this could be a game changing ecommerce system—but I can’t devote any more hours to sorting things out.

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  • Today the team announced an update. Hooray! Maybe some of the issues are resolved and I don’t have to uninstall. I do the update. CRASH! The whole site goes down. Had to go in through CPanel to quarantine the plugin. Sorry. Can’t recommend this thecartpress.

    I too have spent a week working to figure this out. I have downloaded the Front End extend, CSV Loader, CartPress pay by mail/phone, custom order ID, discounts, Price by customer, USPS shipping. Here is what I have found.
    1. Great site if you only want physical products or services and NOT downloads and will use Paypal or (yes I did get that working).
    2. Downloads portion doesn’t work.
    3. No way to delete orders – never shows up on the screens.
    4. No way to import or upload existing customers from an existing store. Great if you are starting from scratch. Then there is no way to download your customer list once you have them.
    5. Not an easy way to upload your downloads. yes you define your location in the backend but it changes the name of your files and you have no way to identify them unless you look at the product itself or go into the database.
    6. The documentation leaves a lot to be desired. On the forum page several times I couldn’t even load past the second page as I kept getting errors.

    Hey if they can’t even get their own website squared away… then what makes you think their software is also squared away and ready to use.

    Frustrated enough to have look elsewhere… again. I have tried many other ones. WooCommerce (to expensive for the addons, changed their policies lately too to charge very year instead of lifetime of product), Marketpress, Ready! Commerce, ecommerce, WPStoreCart, and a few others. What I’d really like is a way to have payments (Paypal and, Shipping (live USPS, UPS, FedEx all internationally), sell Downloads, Products & services, an easy interface to make it look like my website (also a WordPressCMS site) AND make it easy for my clients to manage and customers to get or look at their orders. That shouldn’t be too much to ask for an ecommerce for a small shop.

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