• It was hugely disappointing to spend the time to install EE, add events and then realize that it allows people to “register” without completing payment. I think it goes without saying that anyone would expect a “most comprehensive” event management plugin to integrate with payment. NOT to have the expectation that you would have to continually follow up with people to determine if they intentionally abandoned the registration process or are simply confused that they received a confirmation message (thus payment unnecessary).

    This plugin is not worth the confusion and upset it can create with event attendees. Instead of touting “most comprehensive,” this plugin would be better served by telling users that it is best used for free events.

    Like others, I would consider upgrading if a clear answer could be provided. I logged in and searched the forum but if anyone asks about this required payment problem the answer is blocked (you must buy the premium plugin to see their answers). That’s not encouraging.

    I would love to see an event management plugin developed that fully integrates payment – like how eventbrite works.

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  • Hi Lynsuzy,

    Let me clarify one thing then will you clarify too, please?

    As long as you register on EventEspresso.com (which is where we are most active) you can post to the Event Espresso Lite forums (http://eventespresso.com/forum/event-espresso-public/) and see all the replies in that forum. There is no fee and we’ll help you the best we can. So please don’t misunderstand how we support our product, which we also make clear in the FAQ section about Event Espresso Lite.

    Are you referring to the payment status or the email confirmation? What did you try and what did not work? Event Espresso will record the registration (regardless of payment) so you can collect customer information and reach out to them and see if they need help registering. When the transaction is pending or complete it counts agains the registration limit. We believe that’s a smarter and more professional way to build a relationship with customers rather than only caring about them after they’ve completed a perfect registration. You’ll find that with any registration system they will have problems registering (bad credit card number, a typo in their email address, typo in their mailing address, bad internet connection, etc.), but you won’t know that if you only receive data from people who don’t experience any issues. That’s our professional opinion based on experience years of customer feedback from people who are trying to make their events successful and make their attendees happy.

    Also, some event managers want people to send that confirmation before payment is received. That is a setting in Event Espresso General Settings > Email Settings: http://www.screencast.com/t/mycmrBTp The default setting is to NOT send confirmation emails until payment is received.

    I hope that clarify things and I look forward to your reply.

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