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  • Hi fellow WordPressers,

    Note: This is a long post, but I’ll love you forever if you can help. I’m just trying to be detailed to make it easier 🙂

    I’ve decided to overhaul the look of my site ( bit, just like headings, link styles, that kind of stuff, so I’ve been digging through the CSS stylesheet a bit. I’m somewhat new with this stuff, but I’m picking up quite a lot.

    The problem I’m having is incredibly frustrating. I want the articles (pages) to look subtly different to the news (posts), or more specifically I want to be able to change the look of the pages without breaking the posts. I looked at the “Page Template” file that is inserted before the code of every page, and changed the div id and class “post-entry” and “post-content” to “page-entry” and “page-content”, copied the “post-xxx” definitions in the stylesheet and renamed them to page.

    Now I can change the properties of .page-content (the lowest level class in the source code) AND of #page-entry (the lowest level ID), but the text in the pages doesn’t change. Even if content is red and entry is green and both and 7.0em, the text is black and 1.0em.

    HOWEVER, if I change “Page Template” back to post-entry and post-content, I can fiddle with those properties and they work fine. One thought I had was that maybe some of the php code in “Page Template” refers to the “post-xxx” classes/ids, but it’s a bit of a longshot, and probably one I can’t fix.

    I understand it’s a long shot that someone will use Talian AND read this whole post AND know what to do AND care enough to reply, but if you do, or even if you can just throw an idea out there, I’d love to hear it. I’m stuck, and it’s killing me.

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