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  • i posted this already and it’s not showing up. When I post, or edit a topic once I save it the format gets all out of wack.

    For example paragraphs will be gone and all crunched together. At first I was writing in word and then pasting into WP, I then wrote directly in WP thinking that would solve it…but it didnt.

    Any suggestions? Do I have some setting wrong?

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  • It is a healthy idea to provide a link in your profile to your actual blog – not to a site that you’d like to advertize 🙂

    If this is your blog:
    I don’t see any problem with formatting (except some ugliness here and there due to copying from Word…).

    Thank you for the response. If you look at this actual post

    You will see the orange bolded print titled “TransUnion Collections Management:” runs into the previous paragraph however in my admin it looks perfect.

    Then again the post titled “Experian’s Debt Collection Tools:” same thing.

    Thank you very much for the reply
    Look at your source code (I posted it to pastebin at the address above) – and “admire” the results of the combined use of Word and the wysiwyg moster editor.
    Even one of those is capable to kill a blog – and together they are a deadly thing.

    If you need to use Word (though I don’t ever see any reason for something like that), do a copy/paste into a plain text editor (like Notepad) before pasting it into WP.

    Ok I think I see the issues with all that code. Obviously I am not an HTML person. The reason I went from word To WP is because I wanted the option of highlighted certain sentences.

    My WOrdpress admin doesnt offer that as far as I can see. It has bold and strike through, but no options to use different colors for text.

    Anyway, thank you for the input. If I am missing something explanation would be great, if not thanks again.

    You are right about the lacking highlight and other gizmos 🙂

    However – as always – there are good souls who make plugins for everything.
    You may want to try this “Extended TinyMCE” plugin
    it gives you more buttons than you ever need…

    *If you need to use Word (though I don’t ever see any reason for something like that)*

    —I do, for spell check.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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