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    I would love to rate this high, but the truth is it’s more of a pain in the ass to use than it’s worth.

    1. They’ve removed shipping calculation. It’s their plugin so they can do what they want, but it really feels like the pulled the rug out from under us. The site quoting and build process can take months. When we quoted the client the shipping calculation was included, now we have to try and sell them a paid alternative. Don’t give us something and then take it away. Nobody likes that.

    2. The automatic tax calculation would be great, unless you have a product that has a different tax rate. For one client their book has a flat 5% tax rate in Canada. I created a different tax class for this product and set the rates, but this plugin kept overwriting it with the default rates. This plugin SHOULD NOT be affecting anything other than Standard Rates. It basically removes that entire functionality from WooCommerce. Not sure what they were thinking here.

    Needs a lot of work before I would consider using this again. It’s just lots of promises but in reality unreliable.

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