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  • OK, I’ve spent several hours now trying to get a simple display of my Amazon Wish List in the sidebar.

    First, I tried the plugin from Two Ells:
    It produced errors all over the WP admin area.

    Next, I tried CG-Amazon:
    but found it overly complex for my needs, and could never get anything more than “No products found” to display (I don’t have to add my wishlist products to the DB do I? I assume the script automatically fetches products from my wishlist, right?)

    Finally, I tried thoughcrash’s Amazon Wish List Plugin:
    but got errors related to Cache/Lite.php (I have the Snoopy class installed in my magpie dir, but what is this? The PEAR Cache::Lite extension?)

    All I want to do is display items from my amazon wish list. Can anyone recommend an easy to use plugin for WP that will allow me to do this?

    JF 😉

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  • What errors was the Two Ells one producing? If it worked besides the admin errors, try it again and get rid of any spaces after the ending ?> tag.

    Thank you for your quick reply!

    I found an updated version of the Two Ells plugin here:

    Because Magpie is using snoopy, I also had to comment out line 73:

    The admin no longer shows errors. But like commenter #10 on the above URL, I cannot get anything to display on the front end.

    Unlike commenter #10, I am obtaining my Amazon wish list ID from “numbersandletters” in the URL:

    I noticed that $aw_locale is no longer in this updated plugin. My wish list is with I tried editing line 153 to:
    var $server = '';
    but got no results. Does this plugin only work with .com?

    I can’t seem to get anything to show on the front end with this. Any ideas?

    JF 😉

    If you already have CG-Amazon installed, it is really simple. My guess is you had the wishlist ID incorrect. But I’m here to help figure it out! 😉

    If you go to amazon, click on Wish List, click on Your Wish Lists, then click on “Wishlist” (or whatever it is named), and the END of the URL should now have “&id=SOMEID”, where SOMEID is the letters/numbers forming the ID for your wishlist. It can also be located if you click on a product in your wishlist, and look at the end of the URL for “&colid=SOMEID”. They should be the same… 😉

    So in your code somewhere, you can do:

    <?php show_wishlist_items('SOMEID', 3, true); ?>

    That’ll start you off, showing 3 random items off your list.

    If you need more than that, let me know. I can also walk you through all the various options in cga-config.php for customizing things, how to use a WP Page as a wishlist listing page (needs my CG-QuickPHP plugin in addition), and more. Fire away with Qs! 😉


    Thank you David!

    I am using the correct Wishlist id, but again, I’m getting “No products found”.

    The changes I’ve made to the config file were to include values for $AmazonID, $amazonLocale (ca), and $myAmazonWishlist.

    I am calling the function like this:
    <?php show_wishlist_items('', 3, true); ?>

    I tried commenting out the locale config to see if the issue was related to .ca, but the results didn’t change.

    I uninstalled all other plugins, but the results still didn’t change.

    Any ideas as to what I’m missing here?

    JF 😉

    Hmmmm. $amazonLocale certainly could affect it. Especially given what little international feedback I’ve gotten. 😉 And, that .ca was one of the most recent additions to web services support.

    And commenting it out wouldn’t necessarily help, as if you have a wishlist on, easily might not have an existing wishlist of the same ID (if it did, it’d be random chance — but they might segment globally).

    Let me take a look at the code, make sure it’s working. Can you send me your wishlist ID (to cgcode at chait dot net), or post it here? I don’t think I’ve got a .ca account at the moment — can’t remember. Thanks!


    Thank you David! I have emailed you the Wish List ID for further investigation.
    JF 😉

    I’m checking with the Amazon Web Services team — my code looks fine, is working fine with the US server, but the CA server is balking on valid wishlist IDs. I also tried a third-party test environment, with the same result — thus I think AWS has a bug to fix, and should plague any amazon system using AWS. 😉

    I’ll let you know as I find out more.


    Thank you for the follow-up David! I look forward to hearing’s response.
    JF 😉

    Theoretically, in the Two Ells plugin, if you go to line 185 (or the switch statement, if my line numbering’s wrong) and add “case ‘ca’: $this->server .= ‘ca’; break;” it’ll work if you then go to line 36 and change $aw_locale to “ca”. It’s untested b/c I don’t have a valid Canadian store associate id. If that doesn’t work, make sure you’ve got the right suffix for the service url.

    Well, any Amazon Web Services code trying to get .ca wishlists should have the same problem, as it looks to be on Amazon’s end. I just got another independent report of the same exact issue with .ca wishlists, with somebody else’s amazon code.

    Just checking in… has the AWS team provided any interesting responses or feedback about this issue?
    JF 😉



    You can display your Amazon wishlist plugin for free using:

    It is simply a javascript plugin, no PHP installs and works with all blogging software.

    You can complete customize the display using CSS. You don’t even have to register to use it.



    Also, it is currently in beta. Not that I have had any reported problems so far. 🙂

    Nice widget there, junto!

    I also recently discovered this plugin, which works with

    I should note that CG-Amazon works fine with, and other international sites, for wishlists, general searches, item lookups, etc., SO LONG AS AMAZON supports them. The problem was that Amazon wasn’t supporting the .ca wishlist lookups last summer… which ALL plugins would have had the same issue with. 😉


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