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  1. jamierowe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey all..

    First time forum poster here.

    I am trying to take a site that has an existing wordpress theme installed, they don't want it changed..but,I need to have a page display differently than the rest of the site. I tried the template info on wp and I called the template page tommymommy.php and it DOES show up in the templates dropdown. But when I publish the page, it's blank...an all white, empty page.
    I need to find a way to get the post area and sidebar from the existing page to display on this one.

    Here is a screen shot:

    Here is the template code I'm using:

    [please mark any code using the 'code' button; and in future, please use the pastebin for any code longer than 10 lines]

    /*Template Name: Tommy Mommy
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen, print, projection"  href="tommymommy.css"></link>
    <title>Tommy Mommy</title>
    <div  id="tommymommy2">
    <div id="bluetopper"></div>
    <div id="bordergrungecopy"></div>
    <div id="background"></div>
    <div id="i960"></div>
    <div id="layer4"></div>
    <div id="tommynelson"></div>
    <div id="topflourish"></div>
    <div id="shape1"></div>
    <div id="homeb"><a href="http://www.tommynelson.com/" title="HOME"></a></div>
    <div id="aboutusb"><a href="http://www.tommynelson.com/about" title="ABOUT US"></a></div>
    <div id="contestb"><a href="http://www.tommynelson.com/contest" title="CONTEST"></a></div>
    <div id="blogb"><a href="http://www.tommynelson.com/category/tommynelson" title="BLOG"></a></div>
    <div id="freegoodiesb"><a href="http://www.tommynelson.com/free-goodies" title="FREE GOODIES"></a></div>
    <div id="contactusb"><a href="http://www.tommynelson.com/contact-us" title="CONTACT US"></a></div>
    <div id="shopb"><a href="http://www.thomasnelson.com/consumer/dept.asp?dept_id=230000&TopLevel_id=230000" title="SHOP"></a></div>
    <div id="pressb"><a href="http://www.tommynelson.com/press" title="PRESS"></a></div>
    <div id="raisingfaithfulkids"></div>
    <div id="heresanopportunitytodevelopyourownfamilysfaithwhile"></div>
    <div id="mommybaby"></div>
    <div id="vectorsmartobject"></div>
    <div id="jointommynelsonthechildrensdivisionofchristianpublish"></div>
    <div id="holdermainnomerge">
    <div id="holdersidebarnomerge">

    Any help would be appreciated!


  2. Michael
    Part-Time Forum Moderator
    Posted 4 years ago #

    your template code is only the pure html structure -

    often, the page template starts off as a copy of index.php, single.php or page.php; this way you get all the sidebar, header, footer calls.

    then the changes are applied to the central code area;
    often by changing the loop, or adding a custom query, ...


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