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    I am using the 2011 theme (child theme, actually), WP 3.4.2. I purchased the WOW Slider (v2.4) through the app store yesterday. I want to make a slider that is smaller in size and only takes up about a quarter, maybe a third of the header on the left. There are a few sets of instructions that I’m struggling with/confused by/frustrated as heck over.

    1- I got it saved/uploaded as a WP plugin. Great. The instructions say to get the template tag and insert it in the header.php file. Nice. But WHERE??? PLEASE don’t tell me “wherever you want it to appear” – that’s all over the internet, I need specific suggestions.

    2 – css styling this thing – um, yeah… In my style.css folder I went in and told it where to go. Looked great. Then I went to remove the grey line at the top of the page that 2011 seems to think is necessary. Here’s where everything goes way, way south. When I put the css (#branding) to remove the grey line above the style code for the slider, the #branding is completely ineffective. When I move it below the css for the slider, the slider goes back to sitting in the low in the middle (I’m using the new Shady) and the shadow effect is gone. In fact, every time I stick anything in the style sheet, the style for slider goes. Done deal. I think I should also mention that I’ve tried doing it by creating a div id and a div class (not at the same time) and neither worked. As far as the stupid grey line is concerned, I just went to the parent page and changed the color to transparent there, and it worked looks fine.

    3 – regarding where to put the template tag – between <head> and </head> or <body> and </body>?

    4 – thinking I was doing this completely wrong, I scrapped the tag and everything I created that was associated with it and tried the method of saving it to a folder and inserting the html from the index file, and made sure the engine and data folders were uploaded, as well. Instead of the slider, I got giant black squares stacked on top of each other, one for each picture used in the slider, with the navbar/content area/etc. shoved way down the page underneath.

    I am insanely frustrated with this, especially given how dang much I paid for it through the app store, and the last update on the app store was in early August, 2012. But on WordPress I’m seeing there’s a version 2.5.3??

    So…. which is it, use the template tag or the html code to insert my slider into my header? If template tag (easiest), then what extra “thing” do I need to do to edit it? Would it be better to do an internal style sheet? If html code, then what the heck do I need to fix in order to make it actually work?? I know that sometimes java scripts can cancel each other out, is there something I need to do with regard to that, to?

    Somebody please give me a reason not to completely uninstall this and send a nasty letter somewhere!

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    Email address of WOWSlider customer support is support [at] wowslider [dot] com. Use it for troubleshooting, feature requests, and general help.

    1) It depends on markup of your page and place that you selected for WOWSlider. We have never seen your page, so it’s impossible to guess exact line in your header.php file.

    2) Actually, WOWSlider doesn’t generate any line at the top of the page. Also, it has not #branding class in CSS.

    3) You should paste WOWSlider HEAD section in the HEAD section of your page and WOWSlider BODY section in the BODY section of your page. If you’re not able to edit HEAD section of your page, it’s possible to paste both WOWSlider HEAD and BODY section into BODY section of your page.

    4) Please contact with customer support. Provide us a directly link to your webpage with a problem.
    Also, why do you insert WOWSlider manually? WOWSlider HTML code will be inserted automatically and “data”, “engine” folders will be uploaded automatically, if you use WOWSlider plugin. Please see video tutorial on our website:

    Yes, it still version 2.4 on app store. But we have already done everything that we can. It’s a delay on app store side. Unfortunately, we couldn’t affect on it.



    1) It’s a standard 2011 theme header. I have it set to private, since I’ve used it for a while as a blog and am now converting it for a business. I would think there’s a pretty standard place to put it in? I want it in the actual header, in place of a picture.

    2) I know that. You missed my point. CSS styling of the slider is fine until I put in styling for something else. Any styling added above the slider doesn’t work, and anything added below the slider, and the slider doesn’t work.

    3) Did that, and yes, I am able to edit inside <head> and <body> sections. My question was, is there a specific place inside the <head> where it goes? When you say “tag”, my thought is the one pumped out when I upload the slider as a plugin, the one that looks like this <?php wowslider(2); ?>) That’s what the instructions say to use when putting it in the header.

    4) I used the plugin. I’ve watched all the tutorials, including ones other people have created. Didn’t work. That’s why I’m here. I don’t ask for help unless I’ve exhausted all other resources first. My husband is a software engineer/designer/coder for over 20 years and owns a software company. They do custom programming for a specific industry using another company’s software (husband’s company is a distributor). He’s been writing code for over 30 years. Even he threw his hands up on this one.

    Bottom line is, this is a great product, but for use with 2011, not so much. I found somewhere else where someone wasn’t sure how to insert a different company’s slider and the code was a little longer (echo, etc.). Then again, the problem might actually be with 2011, as I was struggling to get my child theme’s custom CSS to override the parent’s code. For inserting it into the header, I ditched the template tag entirely, saved it as a file, then manually uploaded “data” and “engine” folders, and manually inserted the code (from the instructions where it says “everything between <head> and </head>”, etc.). To customize, I went straight to the style sheet in the engine folder.

    My solution worked for me, and I don’t mind putting it all in by hand. Besides, I’ve switched themes, anyway. So somebody can close this thread if s/he wants.

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    1) Find the lines where a header picture is added and change them on WOWSlider php code.
    3) Only position of WOWSlider BODY section affects on slider displaying on your page. There is no any specific place in HEAD section. You can paste WOWSlider HEAD section in any place between <head> and </head> tags.
    Also, “header.php” file and HEAD section of the page are not the same.


    How to install free Wow Slider in WordPress Website???

    Plz tell me the Step…..

    I would like to know how to ad my personal image in wow slider

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