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  • This plugin has features that I can’t find in the other quiz plugins. It would be great, IF it completely worked, but it doesn’t, and I have been trying for weeks to get help [ and untold hours trying everything to make it work].

    Wisecapt, I took your advise and made a donation, but I have little faith that Xeno010 will respond to my cry for help. I don’t see anything from him in the forum, only kind users like you trying to be helpful.

    I have most of it working, BUT there are email issues that do not work, no matter what I do. My timeframe is weeks past, and I have no place to go for help other than here.

    My problems are:

    1) I set up 2 special fields, name and email address. There is no place to add commentary before the fields so I used a text field to add an explanation of why they should fill out the fields, but that creates an unwanted fill-in box. Is there another way to add the comment?

    2) I wish to receive an email back with name, email, IP, and quiz results. When I put in $username, I get back the IP, just as I get back IP when I use $ip. All other variables work correctly.

    3) There is no provision to insert email address in the return email. How can I get email address of the user in the return email?

    4) Finally, the user does not get anything. Is the user also supposed to receive an email with the results? [Yes, I activated the user email with results function]

    I truly like the plugin, and if these issues can be resolved, it will be perfect. But now with no time left, and no options that I can find, I have already pulled most of my hair out.

    Is there SOME way to get help solving these issues?

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  • You need to be a little bit patient, as Xeno010 works on this not as a full time job, but as labor of love he gives back to the wordpress community. Xeno010 found a void in quiz plugins, that he knew he improve upon. But as in all things, it takes time, to improve and refine the programs you are working on. I don’t have all the answers to your questions, but here are some things i suggest.

    I hope this helps.

    1) When you setup special fields, you can have commentary information before the special fields by putting the commentary information in the “Quiz Description” or “Results text” sections thats located under the custom field section.


    3) You might have to look inside the database tables to get email addresses of the users who took the test. Try looking at the WP_Users table for email addresses.

    4) You might need to check that WordPress and the server that is running your wordpress website are setup to be able to send emails.


    Wisecapt, thank you very much for your input – I very much appreciate your taking the time to respond.

    I can fully appreciate Xeno010’s situation, having been there myself. However, there are two sides to most stories. Someone who desires to use the plugin must rely on the fact that it works fully for them. While patience is a virtue, in the real world there sometimes just isn’t time to wait to get answers. I mentioned before that I would gladly pay to get what I need, instead of waiting for a “freebie.” Or Xeno010 might consider publishing the code so people can make whatever modifications they need – or selling the code to those who need changes.

    SOLUTION TO EMAIL ISSUES. For anyone who might see this thread, and have similar email issues, I have found a good work-around to the plugins’ issues.

    I want the plugin to collect the name and email of the user before giving out results. It appears incapable at this time to do that without making changes to the code. So; I am disabling the special fields, and anything to do with emails.

    I am using the [paid] plug-in WishlistMember [but any membership plug-in will work for this use] to monetarize a part of my site. I simply created a page that potential users go to first, register as a member [free to use the quiz in my case], then they have access to the quiz. This way I collect the data I want, then send them on to the quiz. Problem solved, and as far as the quiz goes, the plug-in is nearly perfect for my use. I can’t find another plugin, or any quiz maker that allows a weighted point system for answers like WP-Pro-Quiz. My hat is off to Xeno010 for that part of the plugin.

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