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  • I am sure it is something I am doing, but I can not get wordpress to install. I am following the 5 step installation, but I still get an error when I try to run the installation.

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  • Could you describe the error?

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    No one can possibly help unless you say exactly what the error message is.

    You never know, they might be able too! But yes I agree I got interupted and forgot.

    I am getting the HTTP 404 Not Found error.

    Hey KB_star,

    Is this when you try to go to Is that the page you are trying to get to where you get a 404 error?

    You may have uploaded wordpress files folder in wrong place you need to have them in your root.

    Eric H – yes that is where I am getting the error

    Govpatel – Thank you I will try moving my files.

    Thank you both so much!

    I have gotten everything to open, but now I get the error that my php version is not high enough. We were just upgraded, can I download a earlier version of wordpress and still be okay? We have php 5.1.6. UGH, I am getting so frustrated and refuse to let this defeat me!!!!

    You should be on PHP (5.2.4, 5.4)

    Is there a reason why your host won’t upgrade you?

    They just upgraded us, we had a really old version last month. Maybe it’s time to fine a new hosting company.

    Anyway, am I able to use a slightly older version of wordpress or will that just not work?

    The older version will probably work.

    But the recommendation is you upgrade your server as old version can have unfixed security loop holes that might cause issue with your site in the long term.

    Oh boy never mind, they upgraded everything but forgot to point our dns to the new server. These people drive me crazy sometimes!!! Hopefully I will not be back with anymore issues. Wish me luck!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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