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[Resolved] Feature request

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    Hey thanks for answering my questions I really enjoy using your theme it is awesome. There is a feature that I’m dying to have though. I use my blog as a news source that I send links from RSS feeds from my phone but currently it shows up as a post tile with a link that you can click to go to the external source. I’m wanting a feature that let’s me send the RSs feed to the blog with only the tititle that links to the source I provide in the post and only display the title. If you can do that I would be very grateful!

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  • I’m not trying to pay you. Just offering donations. I just donated you 15$ because I didn’t know you still worked on it. Please keep up the great work!!!! Thanks for the updates!

    If I was paying you it would have to be taxed. Donations don’t get taxed “wink wink” 😉

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    huh, well not sure how you can do this besides setting up a post-format with it?

    Yeah you absolutely can do that with 3.3

    Edit the functions.php file and find the add_theme_support for post-formats, add ‘link’ to that array

    so that it looks like this:

    //			'image',
    //			'video',
    //			'quote',
    //			'status'

    Then, copy the content.php file to content-link.php (so there are now two files) and edit the content-link.php file remove, delete this section:

    <div class="post-info">
    				if (!easel_is_bbpress()) easel_display_post_calendar();
    				if (is_sticky()) { ?><div class="sticky-image">Featured Post</div><?php }
    				if (function_exists('easel_show_mood_in_post')) easel_show_mood_in_post();
    			<div class="post-text">
    				easel_display_post_date();	easel_display_post_time(); easel_display_modified_date_time();
    				if (function_exists('the_ratings') && $post->post_type == 'post') { the_ratings(); }
    				wp_link_pages(array('before' => '<div class="linkpages"><span class="linkpages-pagetext">Pages:</span> ', 'after' => '</div>', 'next_or_number' => 'number'));
    			<div class="clear"></div>

    That’s the ‘header’ info for posts, all of the information.

    Then, go to posts -> add new post and add a post, in the right section there will be an area for what type of post it is, just move the markbox to ‘link’ and make your post, all that will be in the content of the post is well, the content really.

    You can further modify that content-link.php file to make the post section look like you want.

    Theme Author Frumph


    .. I believe the ‘aside’ post format already is like this btw if you don’t want to make the changes, just mark the post as ‘aside’ and it will just display the content which then you make the link etc in there.

    Yeah I just want the post title to show that’s tied to the link that’s given in the post. So aside doesn’t aound like it would work. but if what you said about the post link format thing is what im after I’ll try that.

    Ahhh.. Just got back from work and i just tried your above code and it does not do what i was hoping it would. It shows up with the url but no post Title. Im trying to get it the other way around, but the title linking to the url as well.

    I am trying to achieve exactly what is described in this wordpress thread. But i dont know how to use this code in easel.


    EDIT: I just figured it out!! I had to use my brains a little lol and do some of my own experiments and its working. Not a php savy person at all but i figured it out!! Thanks for your help though, could not have done it without you!

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    nice! I’m going to use that link and create a content-link.php file to go with the theme, good find!

    If you want to see a example of what i achieved so that you can improve your theme better you can see how im using this function


    Theme Author Frumph


    add this to your style.css file:

    body.home .post-content { padding: 5px; }

    to make it look better please 😉

    Yeah i did something a little different. didnt see your post till i already made the changes, i dont know what your code there does to be honest lol? Fixes the gap im assuming?

    Yeah i did something a little different. didnt see your post till i already made the changes, i dont know what your code there does to be honest lol? Fixes the gap im assuming?

    Theme Author Frumph


    It adds padding around the link to make it look kinda more inside the box instead of over it.

    Yeah I just got rid of the boxes. They were making it hard to read when its all just usually single line links.

    Theme Author Frumph


    Yup, looks good.

    Thanks 😀

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