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  • Ok heres something to think about. Suppose I have these cats
    SectionA, SectionB, SectionC
    Im blogging away find and dandy, now suppose that I dont want everything to appear on the front page, suppose I want to be able to post in section A B and C, but only ones that I also post in my new cat called “Frontpage” will appear on the frontpage, the rest will only be accessible when you go directly to that section, e.g.
    Anyone got any ideas how I might go sorting this out?

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  • I operate this way in two different methods:
    1. exclusion:
    i establish my index.php to only show the category i want.
    this can be done more than one way:
    a. just below (or after) “do not remove this line” add $cat=x;"
    now your code will only allow the display of category “x” on the index page.
    this works, but can become a drag when you actually want to use the index to view other categories.
    i worked around this by creating sub pages/folders with the rest of the cats so they were easily called up using my own navigation, or links.
    b. just below (or after) “do not remove this line” add $cat=x,y,z,a,b,d,g;
    This allows you to select multiple categories for display on the index, leaving out the onces you leave out.
    and again, you can either alter your category output in the menu to display only what you want to see, or, navigate with custom navigation and or links.
    an example of this is here:
    notice the “about” links in the menu. they are intentionally excluded from the index, but accessible via an “about.php” where they display only the about category.
    hope that’s useful.

    That sounds like a very nice solution, I started playing with the bits after “dont edit this line” but I could never get them to work correctly. Ill have another play with it and see how it goes, another problem I was having is that of static content.
    For example my about page will just have some text on, it wont be posted and will be edited by hand as and when, but Ill still need the menu and all the rest of the stuff that normally goes in a page, is there any way I can have a page like so:
    include header.php
    include restofpage/footeretc.php
    Any ideas would be great, cheers.

    It seems I have found a solution.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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