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    1) It would be easier to follow if the forum didn’t actualy try to render the html code. Try pasting it into pastebin or something.
    2) I get a “Page cannot be displayed” error when visiting the link.
    3) Normaly when I get this problem, it’s due to some bad code or a bad plugin that causes the rendering to stop prematurely. Any of these apply? It’s sometimes difficult to tell, since most don’t generate error messages. How ever, I’ve found that the best way to determine if this is the case is to turn off all of the plugins. If the problem still persis, then it’s proly code in the file itself. If it fixes itself, then it’s a plugin issue, turning them on one by one until the problem shows up again will tell you which one is the problem.


    1. The html above is exactly as it appears in the final source code; no part of it has been rendered. I’m not sure if you just mean that the code is long and ungainly when pasted in the forum. what is pastebin?

    2. I don’t know why when I first tried to acccess the site just now it gave a not found error, but when I clicked refresh I got the page, exactly as I had decribed it above.

    3. I was turning off new plugins one by one until I was just left with the ones I’ve had all along, but I guess I can try again with all of them.

    Please use it when posting lots of code. 😉

    Hmm…it was the Semiologic Fancy Excerpt plugin, which has never given me trouble before…trying to figure out why…any thoughts?




    Have no idea, never used that plugin before. BTW: This is the first chance I’ve had to view the site since you got it up the other day. I have to say, I’m impressed with what you did with the template. While I recognize it, it hardly looks like the original. Uber cool.

    Anyways, it seems to render OK now, it either bacause the plugin is turned off, or whatever was causing it has worked itself out.


    Thanks for the nod, TG, that was an amazing theme you did, and it is still essentially the same in the important parts. The other website I made using your theme is now finished as far as the design (though not the content) goes:

    Any idea on a location above the main page body but just below the header where I could put the font size, link, and forward links? The obvious place would be either on the bottom of the topbar navigation (the black box that originally was used for the tagline), but that box is pretty full already and anyway it’s not an ideal location, either.

    A little explanation…

    The reason I like this theme so much is that I think it’s great how the overlapping rectangles make it immediately clear what is what: body, navigation, etc., and also what relationship they have with each other–for instance, the top bar, side bar, and footer navigation are all obviously disconnected from the page, while the pull-quote box which I’m using for post-specific text controls is obviously relevant to that specific post and not the site as a whole.

    The one semi-break with the logical organization of all this is the icons I placed on the top of the page, for text size, permalink, and forward–they do all apply to the entire page, sidebars as well as page body (with the exception of the header), since the text on the entire page will increase, and the other two functions will provide a link to the entire page, rather than just the article. Meanwhile, the free-reprint and print options which are kept alongside the post, inline, will only let you print or reprint the single post, not the entire webpage with sidebar and footer.

    The reason the location of the font-size, reprint, and link links up top is a break in the logical organization is that while they do affect the entire webpage and not just the post, they do not affect the entire website–that is, when you go to the next page, the text is back to normal. Logically, then, these controls should go above the page-specific elements (post, footer, and sidebar, all of which can change somewhat from webpage to webpage) but below the header (which remains the same throughout the site). The reason I put the controls way up top is simply because that’s where there was space available, which is not at all a good reason from a usability standpoint.

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