1. Can’t edit my products from front-end, link is broken.
    2. Can’t view products I have created from front end when clicking on the link
    3. After logging in during the checkout process, I am not actually logged in, just redirected to the checkout page.
    4. After purchasing a product, the admin did not receive appropriate commission.
    5. Contributers can adjust commission. Why? This should strictly be an admin-only feature. This was addressed in your forum on wpmarketplaceplugin.com, and your answer was to edit the plugin files. Are you serious? That is not a solution.
    6. Shortcode for Order page doesn’t work.
    7. So far, these are all of the issues I have encountered. I have a fresh install, and using the twenty twelve theme. I am interested in paying for plugins and themes, but why? When the maim plugin is miles away from being finished. Please update this thing. It’s a great idea. For now, it looks like I am stuck using Marketpress on a multisite installation.


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  • I agree, I’ve found those same issue. This plugin has so much promise, but it does not seem to work. Please help.


    I did find some solutions.

    Instead of using the automatically generated pages. Create a new page and enter [wpmp-frontend] you can now edit Products and Create New Products.

    I cannot find documentation for Shop Manager, Accountant, Vendor and Worker. I don’t understand the Roles these have.

    Also, I agree with the previous post, if a Seller is adding a product, they SHOULD NOT be able to set commissions. We as the site owner should only be able to do that.

    Also, I don’t see a way for Vendors to refer others to the site, I would assume there would be a built in Affiliate Link in the Vendor backend to refer sales.

    It would also be nice to add course, so Vendors could display a course and sell access to it for a fee. The system is almost there now.

    Any updates on this from the plugin creator? Thanks for the tip armandmorin. As far as an affiliate option, I think there are far better suitable plugins for affiliates that are powerful all by themselves.

    Plugin Author Shahjada


    this issue should be ok now, please update your copy. If still you have the issue please post here, I shall check that immediately

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