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  • I am creaating a zotero bibliography and I am searching for a simple way for visitors to find a text, a book… Now, my documents are in posts with tags (simple way and easy for non-experts visitors.
    How can I create a “search” in a front page ?

    see here : 3 fields : contenu, accès titre…

    I thing it is possible to add others fields but it is simple !
    Thanks for your app : I am discoverint it

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Mark


    If you post a question like this, please also share the shortcode you are using.

    Look up the type="search" shortcode on the Library tab of the ZotPress help — that’s probably what you need. By the way, you’re linking to a preview page that is not visible to use.

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    thanks for your help !

    I had not understand this page ‘library” and shortcodes. It is not evident for me.
    I have done a test and it runs wery well.

    I have other question : s
    in the front page, is-it possible to add several shortcode as they are written in the Library ?
    And I have to modify my templage to harmonize zoteropress” search formula and others pages of my web site. At this hour, it is very different, too much. I shall try some solutions.



    If you are logged in and looking at the WordPress dashboard for your site, click on ZotPress. Now you see the Browse page. It shows some items from your library. In the navigation menu you see Browse underlined, and three other pages: Accounts, Options, Help. Study the Help pages closely and you will find out all about the different types of shortcodes.

    The Help page itself contains another set of pages. In red, your first see “Standalone library” and next to it “In-text citations” and “Library”. It sounds like you want to display a Library on your front page, so you can study the options described there to find out how.

    A shortcode is the code that you put in a post or page to display items from your library. So you edit a page as you are used to and put the shortcode there. That code then ensures that ZotPress does the thing you want on that page. For instance, you could use this shortcode to display a search bar in a page or a post of your choosing:

    [zotpressLib type="searchbar"]

    You can use several shortcode on one page, or different ones on different pages. I would advise you to play around with some of the available shortcodes to see what their effect is. And read the help pages and frequently asked questions closely.

    If you have follow-up questions, you should let us know what shortcodes you are using, or which ones you have tried, so that we can understand what you are trying to accomplish and how. Otherwise it is hard for us to help you.

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    Thanks for your help : I am trying and test links between zotero and wordpress
    my test page is here ;

    I have two difficulties in the list of items :
    how have tags clickables, to find all items with the same tag ?
    how display list of items with a more visible separation ? To make lecture easy ?

    I test the shortcodes to have a page with search formula (items, tags) – I have it with your help – and tags clickables (as a tag cloud in wordpress).

    Merci pour tout – thanks for help me



    Making tags clickable is tricky for technical reasons; you would probably need help from a programmer to make it happen (and/or perhaps you could consider contributing financially to ZotPress development; but I’d check with the developer @kseaborn about availability first).

    Cosmetic changes like display items with more space in between are easily made with (custom) CSS. E.g., since every single item in a zp-List comes tagged as zp-Entry in the HTML, the following CSS code would create more space between the items:

    .zp-List .zp-Entry { margin-bottom: 1em }

    You can add custom CSS code through the WordPress customizer. If you need more intricate styling options, here your best bet would be to ask someone with knowledge of HTML and CSS to help you achieve the style you want.

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    thanks you for this replay
    first : I try to adapt CSS ; a friend car help me to adapt for a better presentation. I will show you.

    secondly ; for tags, can you ask to the developper if it is possible ? and at what conditions ? I think this function in a plus for all users. It will be an advantage for zotpress and zotero. Nowadays, tags are an essential service for us (and others)

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