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  • I want my front page image (the slider) to be a static image of my blog’s header. Is there a way to remove the slider “arrows” from the left and right sides of the image?

    I am unfamiliar with code, so I need a little help with how to make changes like these within the Customizr theme.

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  • Try this:

    /* All Carousels */
    .carousel-control {
    display:        none;
    /* Front-page Carousel only */
    .home.carousel-control {
    display:        none;

    Try it in your Customiz’it>CustomCSS Panel. We recommend using a child theme if you’re going to make a few changes.

    I plan on making a few changes, but do not know how to access the theme directory in order to create a child theme.

    Also, now that I’ve pasted a few code changes into the Custom CSS of my theme, will the changes carry over once I create I child theme (if I can figure out how?)

    Also… regarding my question above… Will this code allow the statis header image to show up on ALL posts and pages?

    I suggest you use the CustomCSS as a testbed, and then move code into the child theme when you’re happy with it. (So remove it from the CustomCSS – any code in the CustomCSS will override the child theme so avoid having conflicting code between them).

    Child Theme sounds far more complicated than it actually is. Once you’ve done it, you’ll find your understanding will give you more confidence to try other things.

    To have your Static image on ALL posts & pages: it could be done with code, I’d suggest the easiest way would be to setup the same 1-image Slider on each Page using the Slider On/Off feature. If you have 100+ pages then that will be impractical.

    I have 130 pages, and yes, so far I have been manually changing the Slider On/Off feature on every page (it is taking forever!) Do you know a way I can change it with code? Will inserting the code affect the pages I’ve already manually set to Slider-On?

    Also, how can I edit my slider to link to my home page? (In the WP dashboard the pull-down menu of link options for my slider only lists individual posts.)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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