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    Hi everyone,

    Earlier this week I got a message from my client that the home page of her website beloved beauty went crazy and did not look like normal. After taking a look I saw that the whole page had reset to the “standard” front page which you also see when you have just activated the theme. The one with the testimonals, logo’s and stuff.

    I have found out that the problem is that the template for the static home page called “front-page” is missing. It doesn’t show up anymore in the dashboard at the pages. I have also tried some other pages but the outcome is the same. The original static home page is this one home.

    Hoping you can help me and my client because this theme is perfect for her website even though the theme got a will of it’s own…

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    I’m not sure I quite understand what is happening with your website. I have latest version of Llorix one lite theme with polylang latest version, and my site is running properly. In “Customize” > “Advanced Options” I have “Keep the old static frontpage template?” box checked. Also, in “Customize” > “Static Front Page” I have “a satic page” radio button checked. In same section below “Front Page” drop down I have the page I want for homepage. It happens to be called “Home” and with Polylang Plugin, this “Home” Page has an equivalent in the other language, and so whatever language is selected, that becomes the homepage. If you do not have these options in your “Customize” sidebar, and you have all the proper installations, I have no clue what is wrong, and it’s probably a backend issue, or another plugin interfering. Also, you might want to makesure that you have Polylang configured correctly and troubleshoot that plugin. I personally had no issues with Polylang, but I installed the tool when my website was still a baby, so there was not much room for conflicts.




    Hi John, thanks for your reply. Let me explain what I am trying to do:

    I am looking to use the theme frontpage (with this I mean the one with ‘our services’, ‘our team’, etc) and configured this the way I like it. As I understand this page is produced by the llorix companion plugin.
    Also I want to make the site multi language with the polylang plugin. now the following happens:

    As soon as I activate the polylang plugin the theme frontpage (so the one with service and our team) disappears and the frontpage (which I selected under “Customizing/static frontpage”) is displayed, which in my case is an empty page.
    Also the option to change the frontpage sections (so customizing/frontpage sections) disappears.

    So my questions are (perhaps one of the developers needs to answer this):
    is it possible to use the theme sections frontpage for a multi language site (and translate it)?

    I hope this clarifies things, thanks for the support…..



    @niekp, Ah I see, I understand.
    You can use the theme custom frontpage template by following these steps: “Customize” > “Advanced options” > uncheck the box “Keep the old static frontpage template?” If yours is not displaying, not sure why, but you should troubleshoot a little more. Secondly, Regardless of whether you use Polylang or not, the theme only has one “frontpage template” and it is in one language. There is a way to translate that frontpage template and have multiple versions load. However, that way is far more complicated than simply creating your won homepage and following the steps that I have don which I explained earlier, because modifying the theme’s homepage template would require you to make modifications to a childtheme, functions.php and you would need a good base understanding of PHP. In this way, your home page will load whichever language the user selects. The downside of this is that you don’t get to use the cool Llorix Frontpage template. However, the up side is that you can create a homepage far better with far more customizations. All you have to do is edit your homepage in the pages section of wordpress. Everything that Llorix template has, you can replicate in there using a plugin like Site Origin Widgets or hardcoding it yourself. Additionally, with this method, you can have multiple versions of your homepage for whatever language you want.



    Thanks John, it has been years since I last build a site so I still have to get up to speed with the latest possibilities and technology. Your tip to get around the theme front-page is very good, I had a brief look at the plug-in and it looks promising, I will explore this further in setting up the site.
    Thanks for the support!

    An old page shows when one goes to my blog. I have to use CTRL-F5 for the current page to show. It doesn’t stay current. The old page appears to be a front page that I can’t get to to remove or edit.

    My site was working fine prior to June 1st. It was around that time that it stopped updating immediately. It worked on June 3 and that is where it stopped updating.

    Here is the site…

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can assist me.

    Which multilangue plugin I use in the theme of Llorix one lite?
    I tried Pollangue plugin and I have problems…

    Llorix One Lite functions great for me with multi-lingual plug-in: Polylang (

    Don’t know, sorry.

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