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    Hi everyone,

    Earlier this week I got a message from my client that the home page of her website beloved beauty went crazy and did not look like normal. After taking a look I saw that the whole page had reset to the “standard” front page which you also see when you have just activated the theme. The one with the testimonals, logo’s and stuff.

    I have found out that the problem is that the template for the static home page called “front-page” is missing. It doesn’t show up anymore in the dashboard at the pages. I have also tried some other pages but the outcome is the same. The original static home page is this one home.

    Hoping you can help me and my client because this theme is perfect for her website even though the theme got a will of it’s own…

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  • This same issue happened to me. I have my customization preferences set to “static front page” with the “home” page selected. In the “home” page template options, there is no “frontpage” option, just a “default”, “contact”, “eventbrite” and “full-width.” It may have begun to happen after the latest update. Did you find a fix for this? Is there a way to resolve this issue so we can display custom front-page templates.

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    I just restored only the theme to llorix-one-lite v. 0.2.0, this was a simple upload through ftp and fixed the problem of the front-page template issue. I think the problem is in the new front-page.php file that themeisle added. Themeisle just has not configured it correctly yet, but I’m sure they will soon update the problem. I’m not going to update the theme though until it is fixed. If the fix takes long and you need an older version of the theme, let me know.

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    This happened with v 0.2.1 and I’ve asked about it elsewhere – no response unfortunately. My client can’t update the theme as he gets a home page that looks like the old 0.2.0 Frontpage template

    Rather buggered up the site 🙁


    For now, you can navigate to Settings > Reading settings, and use “your latest posts” option to make it work. Let us know if it solves this issue. 🙂

    @hardeepasrani: I did try this already, and choosing the “your latest posts” option for front page settings enables what it states it does: your latest posts. We are trying to have a single page that we had previously designated as the front page to display as our home page not the given home plage template from Llorix One Lite. There used to be an option for this in the page templates, but no longer exists


    I am really sorry for the late answer. If what I understood is correct, you can update the theme to the latest version 0.2.3 and use the option “Keep the old static frontpage template?” from the Advanced options panel, as mentioned here in the documentation:

    Please let me know if this helps or I can help with anything else.


    @rodicaelena, thanks for the help.
    The link you sent has this explanation in it:

    Keep the old static frontpage template? – This option allows users to use the default page template for the homepage. If this option is not selected, if a static page is selected as homepage, the homepage will have the custom frontpage template available in the theme.

    What we are trying to explain is that with the upgrade to version 0.2.3, we no longer have the option “if a static page is selected as homepage, the homepage will have the custom frontpage template available in the theme.” Before the update, we had the “custom frontpage template available in the page template options when editing the homepage. After the update, this “frontpage template” was no longer available and so Llorix One Lite Loaded the original frontpage template that Llorix One Lite provides with it’s theme that you need to edit through the customization side menu.

    One other note is that my version 0.2.0 that I currently use, does not have the option “Keep the old static frontpage template?” Was this a feature added in the latest releases? If so, perhaps the default checkbox value for this option was not the value I needed it to be (which would have been unchecked) to load my custom static homepage. Does the upgrade automatically check that box? Also, I may have missed that option and so do you advise me to upgrade again to 0.2.3 to troubleshoot with that option again?

    Hi @johncoleman83 ,

    The option “Keep the old static frontpage template?” is available only in the latest version 0.2.3 , so if you want to have it, you need to update to the latest version.

    Let me try to explain you what we did.
    Before the change, users needed to go to Settings, check the Static page option, select a page for Frontpage and then go to Pages and select the Frontpage template for that page. This was the way to have the frontpage offered by the theme.
    In order to improve this whole process, we removed the Frontpage template from the theme, and added a filter in the code, so that the only thing that a user needs to do is to go to Settings, check the Static page option and select a page for Frontpage. Either page is selected as static page, it displays the frontpage template.

    But after the change, we realised that some of the users, did not want the frontpage template on the homepage, but a different static page.

    So, to allow that, we added the “Keep the old static frontpage template?” option in the latest update. If that option is selected, the users have the option to select a static homepage with a different template, like “default”, “contact”, “eventbrite” or “full-width.” If the option is not selected, the homepage will have the Frontpage template.

    Please let me know if this makes any sense or if I can help with anything else 🙂


    That’s what I was looking for – thanks

    @rodicaelena. Thanks for the information, and for the fixes with the Llorix One Lite theme. This is great support. The origin of this issue for me was when I updated to 0.2.2, and was stuck with the theme forcing the Llorix One Lite frontpage template. Since, your help I was able to resolve the issue with the upgrade to 0.2.3 as you instructed.

    A few notes about some suggestions: First, with the check box option:

    keep the old static frontpage template?

    “Old” is such a relative term. From my perspective the Llorix One Lite option is the “old” version, since I created my own custom homepage after; I started using Llorix One Lite theme. My static frontpage template is newer. I suggest you create a more accurate description of what that option refers to. Something like, “Use your own custom page as the frontpage.”

    Second, I do sincerely admire the attractive options from Llorix One lite frontpage template, and wish I could use them. However, I’m not using them because my site has a bi-lingual component using Polylang plugin. If there was a way for the Llorix One Lite frontpage template to integrate with bi-lingual sites, then I would use the given frontpage template. As a beginner to code and PHP, I would suggest simply creating the Llorix One Lite Frontpage template as a page itself, editable through the WordPress Page editor. Perhaps you could make the page restorable in the event someone deletes it. Until there is a bi-lingual integration option though, I will very much appreciate having the custom frontpage option.

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    Thank you! The website is working again like it’s supposed to do!


    I’m glad that I was able to help you. If you are happy with the theme or the support I provided, you could leave us a review here It would help us a lot 🙂
    Also, we’ll definitely consider adapting the description for that option, in order to better suit the users needs.
    About the bi-lingual issue, the theme is compatible with plugins like Polylang, used for translations, so you can give it a try if you want to translate the custom frontpage. Even though, indeed it takes a little bit more time and work than using your current solution.


    Thanks, I gave a positive review. This is a different topic, but since we already started discussing polylang…

    Yes, I have integrated well with Polylang. For the Theme frontpage given template, I am not able to see how to make that multi-lingual. In the customization menu > frontpage sections, all the data I input there remains the same across different languages, and I don’t see an option to create multiple versions. Is there an easy way you suggest to do this, or is my current solution to create a custom page with multiple translations (and use it as the custom static frontpage) the easiest fix?

    Hi @johncoleman83,

    First, thank you for the review. We really appreciate it.
    Regarding the translations, yes, the solution you used is the easiest one.
    But, if you want to translate a custom home, like that from Llorix One Lite, what you would have to do is to make use of the .po and .mo files, something like described here
    But this is a bit more difficult, and there may be some issues with certain parts of the template.




    I am having a similar problem after installing the Polylang plugin. Everything was working fine until the plugin was installed and activated, then the frontpage settings disapeared from the cumtimize menu and the site frontpage was only displaying the (under static frontpage selected) frontpage instead of the theme frontpage.
    I have the latest versions of Llorix-one-lite and the companion plugin.
    After deactivating the Polylang plugin the frontpage menu re-apreared however the site stil does not show the theme frontpage.

    Besides the above, did I understand correctly that when making a bi-lingual site the frontpage theme template (with the sections services, our team, etc) cannot be used/translated?

    You help is appreciated!

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