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  • hey folks.

    I am setting up a wp blog. Doing that I want to have a menu with five pages. One page should be used as a blog page, all the other are filled with static content. I also want to have this blog page as the first page you see as a visitor.
    My conclusio would be now that the post page is the same page as the front page. When I want to do so I already get the note that these two pages should not be the same. If I still keep this settings I get problems on the page (the first page then contains all the content from the other pages as well).
    How can I solve that problem?

    Thanks and all the best!

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  • esmi


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    Are you sure that you understand the difference between Posts & Pages?

    I do hope so but maybe I ask my question differently.

    I want to have my posts on the first page visitors see. So I go to Settings > Read > Start page > My last posts

    If I visit my blog now I see the last posts on the first page – great. BUT: if I move know to an other page by clicking on a button in my menubar… how do I get back to my posts? I want to have a menu button which directs me back to my posts.

    My understanding was that posts are on a page. And I would like to be able to navigate to this blog post page by menubar and also to have it as the front page. but how?



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    how do I get back to my posts?

    By clicking the Home item in your menu? Or perhaps clicking on the site’s header? Without seeing the site, it’s hard to say exactly but have you looked at creating a custom menu if your default menu isn’t suitable?

    Hi, Ifoer.

    Please refer this tutorial


    Hanafi, KL.

    thanks. actually the tutorial is exactly what I want and what I did.

    the only thing I want now is that the »posts page« is also the first page you see visiting the website.

    sorry if I am a little bit slow, but I don’t get it.



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    Then set your front page to be your recent posts – NOT a static page.

    ok I got a solution now, which is not 100% perfect – but fine for now.

    I do like esmi said in his/her last post (thanks!) and then put the category of the posts in the menubar. So I have a menu button to navigate to my last recent posts.

    – you can only use one category for that
    – in the URL bar you have written something like instead of just

    another contra which is quite annoying.

    When you click on the menu button with the category the page says »Archive of the category: blog« before it starts showing the blogs.

    so I am still thankful for a better solution.

    better solution:
    put a custom link in your menubar with the URL of your blog. so you get back to your homepage which is the one with your posts.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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