[resolved] front page only displays most recent post, other posts are garbled (2 posts)

  1. william-front
    Posted 8 years ago #

    i do not know when it happened but my blog suddenly will show only the most recent post on the front page.

    i have set the front page to show the 10 most recent posts, but currently i am only able to see the latest post, then the dividing lines that separates the 9 remaining posts and nothing else. no content, neither images nor text

    the problem resolves itself when i go to the next page and all the posts appear normally again.

    the posts themselves are not lost and can be viewed if i change to number of posts to 1 per page, so it is not an error with the posts or a proble with the data...i think.

    any ideas? hoping this is a silly newbie mistake but i can't seem to find any obvious errors.

  2. william-front
    Posted 8 years ago #

    it seems this is the result of an iframe attack.

    it was resolved once i found and removed the bad code.

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