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  1. tbfstaff
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have replaced the header of a 2010theme with the HTML header from my site. http://www.theblackfalcon.net. Basically a copy and paste job.

    Even though I have selected "show summary" in the settings of my WordPress theme/admin. Obviously.. (theblackfalcon.net/blog/)... the entire posts are showing up on the main blog screen.

    What is weird, is that summaries are working in all category, tag and author pages.

    I placed my HTML header into the 2010 header.php (erasing some wordpress code, though adding back what I thought was necessary), I also placed some very small amounts in the index.php and footer.php obviously.

    Anyway, did I do something in the header/index/footer that is keeping the summaries from occurring instead of full posts? Is there something clearly missing? Is there a bug in my admin? I have "show summaries" selected...

    I'm not a noob, I built my site line by line from scratch, but I guess I'm a halfway WordPress noob. Thanks for any help.

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