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    I reinstalled Customizr to version 2.0.7 and I really like the additions to the WP Theme Customizer.

    To make loading faster, I deleted most of my Slider images, re-cropped each to approximately 1200 x 500, and then re-uploaded them to my server.
    During the process, I now have 9 Blank slides that I need to delete.

    How do I do that? I can’t find anyplace within my admin panel to facilitate that. Here’s a link so you can click through my slider:

    Thanks for all of the Theme Options.

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  • To delete a slide in a slider, just click on edit slide button and uncheck add to a slider.


    I know that works with a slide with an image attached;
    How do I get rid of a BLANK SLIDE, with No IMAGE attached?

    A blank slide does not show up in the editor.

    Do I have to delete the slider, and re-create a new one?

    Yes I would suggest to do so

    Where can you Edit Slide? I can’t find the function either – I can only choose between No Slider and Demo Slider

    chika7, I found a video ( and the documentation ( which I think should have been more obvious, but I’m still not getting the slider to work since I’m not using the full Featured Pages option. If you’re using that, you should be OK if you set your front page in Settings -> Reading to no page.

    I installed customizr since few days and i’m enjoying the amazing features of this theme, but when i add more than photo to the slider in the front page the arrows don’t work at all and it shows only one image. I really need your support to solve this issue as i need the slider option in the front page.

    Thanks in advance

    1) Did you watch the video above?

    2) Most likely is a conflict with a Plugin. Disable all your Plugins and see if it works. Then add them back one-by-one to find the culprit.

    1) yes i watched the video
    2) did that and still after disabling all the plugins doesn’t work, when i add a new photo it appears in the slide but the previous photos doesn’t appear and the arrows don’t work?!! really don’t know what is wrong

    What version of WP/Customizr are you using (looks like 3.0.13 from above comment)? Are you on latest versions?

    What browser?

    Try reinstalling Customizr. Careful if you don’t have a child theme to save your customcss changes.

    Do you have a link to your site?

    I’m using wordpress 3.6.1 & customizr version 3.0.13
    I’m using firefox browser
    my website is :

    please let me know & confirm if i really need to reinstall customizr again?!!
    thanks for your concern

    Looks like you’re using 3 images:
    – Golden Legs 390×260
    – Golden Legs3 1170×500
    – Golden Legs2 390×260

    1st/3rd should be converted to 1170×500.

    Try that to start as that won’t be helping.

    At this point, don’t reinstall as not looking the likely problem.

    yes that is exactly what i added to the slider but it only shows one photo and the other two doesn’t appear when clicking the arrows?!

    is it really important to convert the size of the two photos, will this really matter, i though this could affect the resolution of the photos only.

    on the other hand, please let me know, did it worked with you & you saw the three photos in the slider?

    I like the layout of Cutsomizr and couldn’t find a better one for what I wanted to do (small logo at top with attractive box for small social media icons, short description, and menu), so I just used it without the special features and installed other plugins for the slider and other features I wanted. Too bad it doesn’t save the custom css, but I created a child theme.

    I appreciate the work of the theme author(s) even though it didn’t work the way I wanted it to. It is attractive and responsive.

    Dear JoyceD6, can you please tell me about the plugins that you use and can add a slide to the front page of my site, because this matter is really very important for me

    thanks in advance,

    @teketaka, fix the Images and I think it will work. I could see the 3 images in the HTML code using Firebug. No, the Slider is not working for me either.

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