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    question for Customizr theme’s front page:

    Is there a way to make a button or link to get viewers BACK to the front page? When the site is opened, it opens on the front page…but once viewer leaves this page, how do they get back to it? can i make a link and put in menu? if so, can someone walk me through this part. Thank you.

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  • to be more clear: once moved from this page, the featured page circles are gone…and there is no way to get back to front page. if i make a link and put in menu bar, what do i link it to? i can’t find a page called “front page” in my menu or page list anywhere.
    Please Help. 🙂

    cpdjustice, it’s called the “home” page.

    the “home” page was linked or set-up as a blog so i deleted it because i didn’t have a use for the blog. can you tell me how to re-create a home page and have it link to the front page? i don’t know how to get it set-up again.

    here is the site:
    when you open it, it opens on the front page (home) page. but there is no link for this page…nor has there ever been. the page that was titled “home” went to a blog when clicked on – not back to the front page that opens when you click on the website. so i am confused as to how to make a clickable page/link for it now.
    thanks for your help Chappie.

    Did you see the Documentation? This section is where you need to be.

    It depends on what you choose your Front Page to be, Posts, Static Page. Then these can be added into the Menu via Appearance>Menus

    thanks so much. yes, i see that documentation. but it is not helping with the issue i am having. i do not know where to go to find the place to set-up the front page options. when i try to create a page, it is not in that section. when i look through all my options, i can not locate the button or area to “set up front page options”.

    where exactly do i go to “set up front page options” and “choose content and layout” as it says i need to do.


    i just made a “custom page”. I then linked it to home page and named it “home”. now it is in the menu… but will the search engines treat it like the home page now that i have it linked to the home page?

    sorry for all the questions. i have read everything and worked hard to learn wordpress but i am still only 5 days into ever seeing wordpress.

    for the life of me, i still can’t find where to go to see this:
    “set up front page options” and “choose content and layout” as it says i need to do.

    From the WP Dashboard, there is a blue button called Customiz’it!. Click on that and you should be able to make some significant progress from there.

    thanks for taking the time to help me with this. it is appreciated.

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