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  1. gistagg
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am using Shell Lite to create a small site (first time). I want to create a home/landing page. I am quite happy with the default layout. I created a page which I call Inicio (the page is in Spanish) and set this as the default static home page. However the site is still showing the original Home page as well. So there are two identical pages. How do I remove the original Home page so it doesn´t confuse people who navigate to the site? Is this something I need to change using a child theme. I have read http://themeid.com/help/discussion/104/replace-default-homepage/ but it doesn´t seem to apply to my case.
    URL: http://servingecuador.com/

  2. Stanko Metodiev
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi gistagg,

    This is quote from previous theme author Emil Uzelac:

    If home.php does not work, the only option I see is to disable front-page.php file and in that case dynamic static page will work. As I mentioned earlier front-page.php is the static page we're talking about. home.php is deprecated because home.php name was causing issues with some servers, this was done by the WordPress itself.

    Login to your FTP, locate /shell-lite/front-page.php and just add .hold on the end i.e. front-page.php.hold or delete this file completely. This will however be overwritten in next update and for right now I don't have another alternative.

    When front-page.php is not used, index.php will come in as fallback and you can control that.

    Try to delete front-page.php from your theme folder and it should do the work, but keep in mind this will be affected in next theme updates.


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