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  • I’m trying to workout what the issue is with WordPress 2.7 installation.

    I’ve installed with defaults, into a directory off the root, and made the changes for my blog to appear in the “root”. I’ve also created a “static start page” and a page for “blog posts”.

    I started to notice when using the admin panel, that on occasion it would time out, and I’d have to refesh my browser. On testing my wordpress blog, I would also notice, that on occasion a blank page would appear to the browser, immiedately refreshing the browser would cure this fault, at first I suspected that this could be my broadband connection. Checking it was maybe performance related, I followed the 34 yahoo steps to wordpress performance, and using yslow, went from a Grade F to Grade A, using php speeding plugins and wp-supercache. I’ve moved the database from MySQL 4 to MySql 5, different hosts, but still I get blank pages appear.

    Any ideas, you can check my blog here, do you see any issues.

    The whole idea was to migrate from bblog (old, unsupported product, which I always thought was slow, but at least it worked!), I’ve not imported all the posts from bblog yet, so I’ve only got a few tests posts in wordpress.

    Any comments would be appreciated, posted to experts-exchange, and didn’t get much help there in the wordpress forums. So wordpress expert help here would be appreciated.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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