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  • Achilleus


    I cannot get this option to work, neither does summary vs full text work. I checked in phpmyadmin and it’s updating the options correctly in the db but it loads the same page no matter what option I have selected. I don’t believe I could have done anything that would break any of these options. Anybody else ever had this problem? Can somebody tell me what file(s) handle(s) these options? Just about the only things I have changed are template related: style.css, header.php(added a horizontal menu and AJAX gsearch), added a function(for the menu) in functions.php, and I modified header-img.php to accommodate for making the blog wider.

    [edit]I also added two variables in config.php

    [another edit]Well, looks like one of the things I added in config.php wasn’t getting along with the rest of wordpress. I fixed the problem. That’s what, 2 questions that I ended up solving myself after I posted about it? lol, sorry for the spam.

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