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  • Resolved bluebyro


    Congratulations on producing an aesthetic & functional theme.

    For the website I’m using this theme for, I’d like to have a SINGLE banner/slider on the Front page.
    But, with only 1x image, the slider keeps moving the single image across.

    Is there are a way to stop the dynamic slider moving, and just to show the single slider image like a static banner?


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  • Theme Author José Leonardo


    Hey, bluebyre, thank for your kindness.

    About your question, I would say it is a bug os this script, as long as the slider has only one item, it should stop the auto-play, but I doesn’t.

    You an stop the auto-play changing line 791 from function.php file. Just change “auto_play” => ‘true’ to “auto_play” => ‘false’.

    Hello José,

    Changed lines, using Dreamweaver (the numbering was a bit different):

    This is now working as a static banner. Great!

    Is there also a way to remove the little black dot from the slider? (the one that indicates how many images are on the slider)

    Theme Author José Leonardo


    You shouldn’t changed all those lines, only the one of Branding Slider.

    To remove the dots on the same place you changed auto_play to false, change “pager” => 1 to 0.

    For the sliders, I realise now that only one ‘auto_play’ applied to the Branding Slider.
    In the program I used to review the PHP coding, it was line 1573.
    I have changed the others back.
    It is working as I wanted.

    I have also removed the dot(s) element as you instructed.

    This is great – it’s now working as a template with a ‘front banner’.

    Thanks José!

    Theme Author José Leonardo


    Cool, I am glad you made it.

    I would appreciate if you could let me a review.


    One more thing regarding the DOT…

    In WIDGETS, for my front page, I had used a Text Widget in the Front Page Top Section location.

    I’ve just noticed that changing the dot (as per above) now means that the title ‘disappears’ from view (on both PC and mobile devices).
    I guess this is a spacing issue?
    I hope this is not complicating things too much!
    Do let me know if there are any more changes I can make to the function.php file to rectify this.

    Many thanks.

    Theme Author José Leonardo


    I am not aware about this possible bug, could you provide me your website link so I can have a look for you?

    I fixed it by adding another Text Widget, with just a Full-Stop in the Title section and leaving the rest black.
    I placed this above the existing one, and it is displaying correctly, now.

    Theme Author José Leonardo


    Ok, I think it is not exactly a bug because the dots was not supposed to be remove. I think I know what you are talking about now, the dots has negative margin, so when you remove it, what is below it will replace the dots and automatically go up. 😉

    But you already figured it out. 😉

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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