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    I been trying to figure how to do this

    1) I have created a local testsite called wordpress.local
    2) Set up a page for the home page (/)
    3) Set up a page called blog (permalink blog) – manually
    4) Changed in dashboard for the setting for front page to home
    5) Changed in dashboard for the setting of posts to blog
    6) Added Home and Blog page to menu (through wordpress)

    I want to use wordpress as a cms with a blog section but unable to create the blog section so the address would be wordpress.local/blog/ which would then display the latest post in reverse order and then the categories in the side bar

    i want the permalinks to be set up so they are seo friendly

    /blog/ page will display latest posts and the categories
    then post would be as %category%\%pagetitle%

    an example of this idea would be like this website design company have done and

    how do i get the blog part look like its running from a separate directory

    do i do it with wordpress, or wordpress and .htacess or is there is a wordpress plug in which will help me.

    how should i set up the permalinks as i just guessing of what i should be putting in custom format and the section below it in the optional section

    do they both have to be set up(custom and optional)

    sorry its sound a big confusing.. but know what i want to achieve but learning wordpress and spending a lot of hours trying to work it all out..

    happy to receive as much advice as possible thanks

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  • Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    You should be able to do all of this in WordPress.

    Go to Settings > Peramlinks and set custom permalinks to %category%/%postname%

    In the WordPress admin, create a page called home
    Create another called blog

    Go to settings > Reading choose home page for the homepage and blog to display post.

    That’s it.

    Everything is done through WordPress

    thank you for your reply Christine.. you advice confirmed what i did actually get working after some sleep ..

    also word of warning if anyone uses wamp as a local test server when trying to achieve this .. you need to make sure you have activated the rewrite_module in apache configuration as after doing the above steps when i clicked on the friendly name it would display a page cant be found

    hope this will be some use for someone 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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