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  • I had this happen on 3 different sites. We updated to WP 3.5 and then the sites will not load. We get blank screens and/or out of memory errors. After a lot of trial and error I discovered that if I disable Front End Users, the sites load perfectly. So I think there is a conflict between FEU and WP 3.5, which is a shame because I really like this plugin.

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  • This is very true! My site was down for whole day after I discovered the reason was Front-End Users and updating WP to latest version 3.5. Would appreciate if this error is fixed as soon as possible.
    Any suggestions are welcome.

    I confirm this bug. WP version 3.5. update causes memory errors. Even after a HUGE increase in memory allocation, the problem persisted.

    is there another plugin that does what this one does? i just found out that this was causing my site to also have a memory leak.

    Yes, look for a new plugin using Admin Bar as the search term.

    Can you provide a link? Does this plugin allow users to upload their own avatar? or use a TinyMCE editor for their profile?

    I faced the same problem after the upgrad and did a little debugging and found the problem code in front_end_users.php in lib/ . Commented out the following in the init() function and started to work again.

    if (!$this->has_admin_access()) {

    anicode is correct that the problem seems to be around the call to disable_wp_admin_bar(), but I’m not convinced deleting that code is the correct solution, since I would think that you do want to disable the admin bar if the user shouldn’t have access to it.

    When the admin bar is disabled via $this->disable_wp_admin_bar(), the admin_url filter is triggered which calls rewrite_admin_url(). Right off the bat, rewrite_admin_url() does the following:

    if (!$this->initialized) {

    Since $this->disable_wp_admin_bar() was called before $this->initialized was set to true, $this->init() is called which then calls $this->disable_wp_admin_bar() again and you end up in an endless loop.

    All I did was move the initialization of $this->initialized to just before the test for whether the user has admin access, and all works well. The code in init() should read:

    $this->initialized = true;
    if (!$this->has_admin_access()) {

    Okay, that’s great that you found a fix but we shouldn’t have to be hacking plugins. Where is the developer on this? Why hasn’t s/he fixed this?

    In any case, thank you for the fix. I did it on one site and it now works again.

    I just posted in another thread about the memory issue, then I found this thread. I made the changes in awgreenblatt’s post and it is working for me now. Thank you so much, I am using this plugin with Log-in with Ajax for a simple member site.

    Fantastic. Happy to help. You might want to post the fix in the other thread as well if you have not already done so.

    @awgreenblatt, yes, I posted a link to this thread, I am so glad it is working now, thanks again!

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