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  • Is there a way to get it so I can create a profile, and have a front end uploader for a user to add docs or pdfs to it? kind of like what Nextgen gallery and Nextgen gallery uploader does (but they only do images)… for example:

    [GDE profile=1]
    [GDE_uploader profile=1]

    So once a document is uploaded to that profile, it is immediately visible.

    If this is at all possible, or know of any way to make this possible, please let me know.


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  • Plugin Author k3davis


    I’m not 100% sure I understand what you’re asking for, but it sounds like maybe you want to be able to insert a shortcode from the media library and select a specific profile? This is supported in WP 3.4.x but not in 3.5, which will only insert the basic shortcode from the media library (because of the extensive and so far rather undocumented changes going on in media management in 3.5).

    The shortcode does let you choose a profile, but it won’t be inserted automatically based on the type of file or where/how you upload it. You have to upload it and either insert the shortcode from the media library or use the visual editor button to select it.

    Thank you for your reply,

    I will get a bit more specific.

    What I want to do is assign a profile to specific users. So once that user logs in, they will have the ability to upload a document, and then see it on the same page. Each user would have their own profiles in order to keep documents separate to that user.

    So let’s say I log in to my page as a new user, what I would see is this:

    Upload a document:
    |__________| Upload

    Documents you have uploaded:
    (the embedded documents would appear here as your plugin currently does)

    And behind the scenes, these would be shortcodes:

    [GDE_Uploader Profile=X]
    [GDE Profile=X]
    * X being unique to whichever profile set for that client *

    Any time a new user is created, a new profile is created… That profile would go in place of X for that user, so on and so fourth.

    Again the idea is just to make sure each user is uploading to and viewing from their own profiles.

    Hope that makes more sense.

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author k3davis


    Thanks, I understand what you mean better now. Something like this could certainly be done, but it isn’t the way the plugin is designed to work at this point. Profiles are just collections of viewer settings, intended to make every aspect of the viewer configurable while keeping the shortcodes actually short. There’s no sense of user management in the plugin.

    There may be another plugin that does uploads in a similar manner (you mentioned Nextgen, as an example). The code to both plugins is open source and freely available, so with a little work you could roll your own. I probably wouldn’t do this with GDE as that’s not really its purpose, unless there was a real demand for it.

    Sorry to disappoint, but thanks for helping me understand what you’re looking for.


    Thanks for your help. I appreciate the replies.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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