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  • After moving my site to a new hoster, front-end-editor stopped working. I tried to get closer the origin of the problem and find out, that initialization is terminated due to empty($wrapped):

    in detail: core.php > class FEE_Core > static function scripts:

    $wrapped = array_keys( FEE_Field_Base::get_wrapped() );
    if ( empty( $wrapped ) )

    Any idea, what is going wrong there?

    What I have checked:
    – Plugin is activated on WP 3.3.1 MU, 1 specific Blog.
    – User is Super-Admin (logged in).
    – FEE-settings are on default.
    – No Super cash/Flexicache activated.

    I am working with FEE 1.9.3. Do not want to upgrade, due to editing by doubble-clicking works fine for our users.


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  • if ( empty( $wrapped ) ) just prevents loading the javascript if there aren’t any editable element on the page.

    Yes, I understand that empty( $wrapped ) prevents loading javascript … My question is:
    What can be the reason for empty ( $wrapped ) …?

    No editable elements on page .. does not seems to be the reason, as FEE works fine at the same page hosted on a different service provider.

    First I thought, I did make a stupid ‘not-activate-something’-error, but now (I’m sure …) I can exclude this.

    Another possibility is, that some path is not correct. The only difference between the 2 hosters is the subdirectory in the root-path:

    WP-content path:
    Hoster 1 (fine) : var/www/user123/htdocs/wp-content/
    Hoster 2 (fails): var/www/user123/htdocs/somesubdir/wp-content/

    Thanx a lot for help!

    Do you see any <div class="fee-field" ...> in the HTML source?


    A post at hoster 1 (good one) lookes like:

    <div class="art-PostContent">
    <div data-type="rich" data-post_id="2668" class="fee-field fee-filter-the_content">
    <div> ... some post-content ... </div>

    The same (!) post at hoster 2 (bad one) lookes like:

    <div class="art-PostContent">
    <div> ... some post-content ... </div>

    Means, at 2 nothing has been changed …

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    Then it means that the two setups aren’t identical.

    Could be a permissions problem or some code that runs in one environment and absent in the other.

    >> Then it means that the two setups aren’t identical.

    Hm. This seems to be the case. However, I need to find out the reason why!

    It would be a great help for me to give me a small code snippet for debugging, or at least a hint, whre to begin my search … empty ($wrapped) means, FEE cannot initialize the fee-fields correctly, however I do not have any imagination, why this can fail with respect to a different environment/setup.

    The subdirectory path (see above) may have be the reason, but in what kind … and wehre I have to do something …?

    Its 6 hours now I am spending with that … would be a great help, really!!! Thanx.

    Maybe you used some custom code to alter the permissions or maybe you modified the plugin code directly and forgot:

    Could be a lot of things, really. Good luck!

    Wow, you have a memory really fascinating …! Smile.

    No, my custom modifications are not part of the play, as I have reinstalled the plugin without it.

    The only way to find out the reason of my headaches seems to be tracking the empty-field-wrapping … however its difficult for me.

    Keep you on track with the results here.

    What on earth, wp_head() was deactivated! Due to debugging reasons earlier … I did forget to re-activate it.

    Sorry, for any inconvinience … and thank you for your help!

    I love FEE!


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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