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  • Hi everybody,
    I need to set up this:

    A small group of users (~15) have to edit content on a single page. They have to add text and pictures. It has to be one large document where they can add new information at any position not just at the end. It has to be as easy as possible (artists…) so I thought about front end editing.
    The less functionality the better (no tables, fancy formatting, shortcodes etc.). Can anybody recommend a plugin or a way to do this in the omost foolproof way possible?

    The result has to be visible for anybody.


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  • Hi, I have tried one plugin that connect a Google documents to posts, you can share the document to your people and it will be published like a post/page when they enter the info. Hope that this is helping, here is the link Of course you can just create them users to your site but I am not sure that this is what you want

    Sorry, forget to mention:
    I want to use regular wordpress users but want to keep them out of the frontedn for now. They will have to use more funtions in the future but for now it should be front end only.

    Hi, an easy way to obtain text editing of the content would be to create a page template that will do this.The down side of this would be image uploading -this depends on the theme that you are using.
    For you to make an ideea in the page template first you verify if the user is logged in and has the correct rights to edit that post.
    then you connect to the database read the content of the page in a variable you create a text area on the template page and you populate it with the current page content the user can modify and update this content that you will save in the database;
    with pictures it’s a little bit harder as I said depending on the theme that you are using. I’m here to help you so let me know if you want to fallow this solution.

    Thanks for your suggestions! I checked your ideas and thought a bit more about my problem.
    Basically what I need would be a table with two columns: one column contains rows of content that can not be edited, the other column contains rows with remarks and images that where posted by logged in users.

    Table here just describes the structure of the information, of course it doesn’t have to be a html table.

    The structure would look like this:

    comment field 1 – text 1
    comment field 2 – text 2
    comment field 3 – text 3

    and so on.

    Is there something that I can reuse? A plugin that can be used as a basis? Functionality wise this is a bit like the comments in a PDF file or annotations in word, just more structured, i.e. there is a predefined area where comments go.

    The ability to upload pictures might be optional, text is more important.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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