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  • This could be a tricky — I hope someone can help! As well I know it sounds weird to be doing but it’s important.

    Context: I have a custom application in WordPress that is based on registered and unregistered users posting custom post types from the front end. Editing posts would also be done with a front end editor.

    Problem: Obviously the users that are registered will only need to sign in to edit their posts, but what I need to do is allow unregistered users to set a post password when creating the post and present them with only a password field when they would like to edit their post. Essentially they would enter the password they set (and a hidden field would reference the referring post ID) and it would log them in and present them with the edit screen—the same as a registered user would see if they logged in and edited their posts. I understand the security risks here.

    Hope someone can help! Thanks!

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  • Matt


    Hi starchcreative,

    If I’m understanding your question correctly one possible (and untested) way you could do it is this:

    if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {
        // display edit_post_link();
    elseif ( post_password_required() ) {
        // display get_the_password_form();

    The function wp_insert_post() will be your friend here.

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