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    Hi Peepso team,

    I am looking for a second security layer for logins with 2 factor auth methods. I tested Two Factor Authentication , which works very good and gives the frontend options for users using a shortcode. When the user is loged in (front), the shortcode for user settings works perfect, but when enabled the 2FA and loged out, when returning for login it blocks the login for the user (the two factor security layer does not show up).

    Please, is there any way to make compatible the extension with Peepso login form?

    Here is the 2FA author’s reply to my topic:


    If the authors of Peepso can call the standard login-form actions on their page, and are using the same field names as the normal WP login form, then it will ‘just work’ without needing any special support in the TFA plugin. That would be the best way, because then their login form will also ‘just work’ with other plugins that try to modify the login form too (that’d be much better than every plugin needing an individual modification).


    Thanks in advance

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    Thanks for contacting us about this. We’ll try to add integration / support for it in PeepSo 2.1.1. However, if something more important comes up, we’ll have to bump it to one of the later versions.

    One of our developers already looked into it. We’ll see what can be done and how fast. Can’t make any 100% promised deadlines, though.

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    Hi (@peepso),

    Thank you very much for your reply, and for the information. The integration would be very much appreciated!

    I tested your pro version also, and really satisfied. Please keep up the great work you are doing!

    Thanks you!

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