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  • Erm yeah, talking about strutting stuffs, I’ve been trying my hand at setting up a personal CMS type of site at

    It’s based on a theme by Kaushal, and some nifty plugins I got to discover with the help of you guys at the forum! Thanks!

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  • Yeah I went to drupal and now came back. I still have running on drupal but my main sites like are 100% wordpress 🙂


    I’m not trying to be objective here, but WordPress does what Drupal can do with so much more ease. I actually tried Drupal twice to see what it can do for me, but the complexity of things like doing themes just puts me off!

    WordPress on Dave!

    Ah, the timing. I just switched back to WP from Drupal yesterday too!

    I used Drupal for about a year (and used WP, too) because it had more features (good user/member features), but WP caught up fast and it’s just so much easier to use. In fact, I tried to look for a conversion (export/import) from Drupal to WP and found “something” but couldn’t really get it to work so just did cut & paste (for hours … ) because it was worth it.

    – Bradley

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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