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    I need to switch from to I already have a hosting account with godaddy but im having troubles with the whole installation with

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  • You will likely get better help if you are more specific. What is sounds like you have now, is that you want someone to just walk you through the steps.

    It would definitely help if you’re more specific…

    However, for a start, probably you can view the following articles:

    These days every web hosting company offer Auto installers for WordPress. Just install WordPress on new domain and use the import tool to transfer your data to new hosting account. Use Deans permalink migration plugin or any other similar plugin to 301 permalinks to new one.

    Login to your godaddy account, select the hosting account where you want to make the wordpress blog. Then in the settings you will find an option that says, “godaddy hosting connections” just click on it. It will give you all the options of installing everything you want, select blogs to intall wordpress,

    Once you have the blog, you will need to go to import and import your old free hosted blog.

    Speaking of this, (and I’m sorry if this would be considered hijacking a thread), is there an easy way to move all of my media from to If I remember correctly, you have to do it manually, which would be a pain to do one at a time. Thank you.

    When importing, make sure that you choose the option to Download & import file attachments.

    @geraldyeo. Ah, yes, thanks. I got it to import successfully.

    hey, sorry for hijacking this thread again, but i have a problem that seems to point in the same direction:
    i just installed wordpress on my serverspace and everything runs smoothly. but when i tried to import all my posts from, i got the error “unable to create folder xyz”. so i created the named folder via my filezilla client and tried to import the xml-file again. but now i get another error code wich really doesn’t help at all:
    “Sorry, there has been an error.

    The uploaded file could not be moved to /www/htdocs/myusername/wp-content/uploads/2010/01.”

    i thought it might be the read-and-write settings so i set them to group for the whole folder, but that didn’t get me any further. what should i do with this?
    thx for your help,

    Mmmm…this might not work, but try to delete the folder, make sure all of your file permissions are correct (everything in the /wordpress directory must be owned by apache, or whoever is running your webserver), and try to import it again.

    i found the solution, the rea-dand-write settings had to be set to “global”, the “group” setting didn’t offer enough rights for the server to perform the tasks needed. works now, perfect. thanks for the help 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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