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    I install the plugin in my website and use it. The plugin is working fine but when I send mail I want to change the sender name it is taking default admin name. You provide a feature to override the sender name in setting email user. I place the name which i want but it is not overridig and used default name. Please tell me what is the reson behind that why this is not overridding even I place the another sender name in From Sender
    Name Override

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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    If you look through the Support Forum there are several threads on this subject. There are a couple reasons why the From Sender Name Override setting isn’t working as expected.

    1. Plugin conflict – unlikely but it is possible that another plugin is messing with the email headers. Are you using any other plugins which modify wp_mail()?
    2. Your hosting provider is manipulating the email headers after WordPress builds them. The WordPress wp_mail() function, which Email Users is based on, interacts with your hosting environment through the PHP settings. At some point your server will handle the email and may, emphasis on may, modify the email headers effectively squashing the override. This is the most common source of this problem I have seen.
    3. The actual override address isn’t being selected when email is being sent. This is fairly common too. In addition to setting up the Sender Override address and enabling it, you need to actually use it when sending the email. When composing an email or post notification, when the override is enabled, there are two addresses displayed with a radio box selection to choose which to use. One is the override address, the other is the sending user’s email address.

    Email Users has a debug capability (it is on the Settings page) which will dump the email content and more importantly, all of the headers, to the Dashboard instead of sending the email. What is the displayed is the state of the headers just before they are handed off to wp_mail(). Once handed off to wp_mail(), the plugin is no longer involved in the handling of the email, from then on it is handled by the Server MTA.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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