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  • Hi

    I’m considering a migration from Postnuke to WP, but there are several PN features that I would hate to let go and I’ve not found them so far in WP. I would appreciate your assistance in finding out if they are available or planned:

    • Extended user profile: can additional data be requested from users when registering?
    • File download library: categories, subcategories, screenshot, download counter?
    • Link library: categories, subcategories, click-through tracking?
    • Multilingual sites: is there a multilingual plugin for the current version of WP? by multilingual I mean that each post can (but does not have to) have versions in two or more languages
    • Newsletter: an easy way to send a custom-formatted email to registered users, containing the titles of the most recent posts. Ideally, users should be able to subscribe while registering
    • Categories/topics. I see WP allows multiple categories per post (PN doesn’t), but I can’t see separate ‘trees’ for categories and topics. Can this useful structure be replicated in WP?

    I’m also curious about scalability. PN boasts its ability to confront ‘slashdottings’. How many pages is serving the largest WP site right now?

    Comments from people already having made the switch from PN will be much appreciated, of course

    Many thanks and kind regards

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  • I made the switch from PhpNuke to WP, but before you go too far you have to realize that PostNuke/PhpNuke and WP serve entirely different purposes. The former has many features that allow it to be used as a portal, repository of files and various other things, the latter is geared towards a blog for a single person.

    There is, however, a multi-user version of WP being worked on, and you can search for that and find more info.

    1. The user registration in WP is wickedly simple and I imagine that it is going to remain that way, you could alter the code yourself and add extra information. Nothing is stopping you in that regard.
    2. No default implemntation of a download library exists, there might be a plugin or hack you could use.
    3. Management of Links is a little interesting in WP, no tracking is done. Any links you create/enter will be listed on the main page.
    4. WP is multi-lingual capable.
    5. No newletter implementation. But there are plugins that allow you to broadcast.
    6. Unsure what you mean by ‘trees’. is a website that uses WP and gets beat up pretty often and nicely. It seems to hold up pretty well, does take a little while to load..


    Xoops has a WordPress plugin that lets you write blogs. If you can’t get rid of those postnuke features, why not go on to Xoops? But I can’t gurantee the result, so make sure you ask all the ppl on the forum!!

    Since CHAITGEAR was mentioned above, thought I’d give specific details.

    – I am currently looking at bb integration or a separate authentication extension for further user profiling. There’s certainly nothing stopping it. However, I might suggest that using a bb login system for users, versus the wp-login system for administration, looks like an interesting approach…
    – Downloads for me are just posts. I’ve thought of writing a plugin so that the post content is a bit more auto-managed (file size, etc.), but I have a download script/page that I use for tracking at the moment — it is lightweight, and can be bypassed at the moment (though some rewrite rules might solve that…). I have download count tracking and pageview tracking as separate enhancements. Categorization is via normal WP facilities.
    – Link library: there is a link system, though where you mention clickthroughs, I’m wondering if you’re really talking about Ad systems?
    – Newsletter is something I also have slated. There are some notification plugins, but I’m looking for something more as well.
    – If you mean ‘category’ is a separate thing from ‘topic’, I’ve hacked my site to have post ‘type’ as a sep field. Might not be the particular division you are looking for, but there are ways to do it.

    I’m probably one of the few WP sites that has had a slashdot, and I survived it with the help of a customized Staticize Reloaded plugin, plus a lot of my own caching and tuning of database access. (I turned on Staticize only for the first 24h or so, tuned the DB stuff further on the side, and it handled the load fine when turned off). I’m working on a potential rework of Staticize, plus some other tools, for high-hit sites — but the optimization for a slashdot attack is based on loading of a single post basically, while there are other general optimizations that’d help in other cases.

    For slashdots, my approach will be to have a ‘watchlist’, where a domain that seems to be rapidly increasing in referred views can cause a given page to get cached/staticized for a given time period. (The problem with the current Staticize plugin is that it is somewhat difficult to manage dynamic pieces within the static page — javascript or php-as-IMG works well though for serving up ads…).


    d- Could you tell me more about how to do this php-as-IMG if I were to use Staticize and wish to have something like a random image displayed? I could never figure out how to get this to work with some of your plugins.

    Cypher: where can I get the script to move from phpnuke to WP?

    This script was a bit outdated. I’ve updated it for the changes to PHP since 2004 ($submit is now $POST_[“submit”]) and to wordpress (post_lat and post_lon aren’t part of the stories table anymore.)

    The script also only took the lead in – not the whole entry, so I added a bit of code to get the body as well and add a <--more--> tag between them.

    I just used it to convert over 1000 posts on our intranet here, and it worked flawlessly! Many thanks to the original author!

    Download the updated script here:

    First, create a new, wordpress install.

    Rename this script pnconvert.php and drop it on your webserver, edit the variables at the top, and point your browser to the script.

    Once the script runs correctly, click the “submit” button at the bottom to write the posts to your wordpress database.

    Oh, also, after importing, I got lots of black diamonds with question marks in them. I had to change the wordpress encoding to get them to show up correctly as apostrophes and quotes.

    This might have just been a database encoding problem for me, but to fix it, in wordpress go to options -> encoding, and set the encoding to ISO-8859-1

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