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    If you edit the existing rewrite rules as you suggest, it’s going to miss requests. I suggest leaving the my-site to rewrite alone and create a separate rule set for to rewrites. It’s possible to do it all in one rule set, but it would involve some higher level regexp to correctly capture all possible variants.

    Sub-site links in content (like to images) will remain as-is when imported. Use a utility plugin like Better Search and Replace to find all such URLs and replace them with the proper URLs.

    A little pedantic: ^ is a regexp. The . (dot) here will match anything, such as myysiteQcom. To actually match only a . (dot), it needs to be escaped like so: ^myysite\.com. Of course, the chances of an unintended match are almost non-existent, but if you want to have 100% proper regexp, escape the dots 🙂

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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