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  • Frederik Beier


    I was in search of a security plugin for my sites and the choice fell on Malcare, after looking at Sucuri, Ithemes Security, Wordfence, All In One WP Security and Firewall, Jetpack and a few more.

    I figured that since my hosting provider (a quite big player in the scene) used Blogvault (The guys behind Malcare), that it would be a good choice.

    I tested out the trial, and was impressed by the functionality, mainly the firewall, malware scan AND plugin, theme and WordPress management section. As this plugin combined the features I was already looking to buy through ManageWP (It also seems that ManageWP uses Malcare to power their solution, so I figured better stay with the source 😉 ).

    A few months have gone by, NONE of my sites have been infected despite several hundred-thousand attempts to breach the sites.

    I had a client approach me with a hacked site, I connected with Malcare, scanned the site, found 35 hacked files, did an automatic cleanup, and within 2 minutes, the site was clean again.

    All in all, the plugin is WELL-WORTH its price, only looking at the hours maintaining the sites, I save many hours each month. As well as giving me the confidence to provide “Hack-free guarantee” to all my customers.

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  • hackrepair


    That’s awesome.
    Though I hope you are not confusing “malware removal” for website security.

    Just because you removed the symptoms of the problem (malware) that does not mean you have secured your website(s) in any respect.

    Simply removing malware does not prevent the hackers from coming back through the same “hole” they entered through in the first place…

    As long as you are not telling people that removing malware will prevent a site from being re-hacked I’m good with your story.


    Frederik Beier


    No worries, the site was secured with updating all the plugins, theme and WordPress core, checking for any threats in the sites setup.Creating new secure passwords for all users, as well as activating the firewall and login-protection within Malcare.

    For some sites requiring extra protection, I usually harden the security with Malcare, blocking the execution of PHP in folders such as cache or uploads, disable the Files Editor in the dashboard, and block all Plugin and Theme installation.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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